American Idol


American Idol Season 9 is over!
To me, last night show was a very fun and interesting season finale of the American Idol ever.
Many surprise guests came up on the stage.
Well, I guess it’s because of Simon’s farewell things.

Paula Abdul,Former American Idol Champions and contestants, Christina Aguilera, Alice Cooper, Chicago, Bret Michales, and Janet Jackson, Wow!!
Even pants on the ground guy perfomed on the stage…with William Hung!!!
Unbelievable moment happened…heehe, that was awesome.
It’s a biggest American Idol finale event I’ve ever seen.

Okay, Bret Michaels!!! What I saw him on the stage with Casey James, o.m.g.!
I got so emotional!
He could have died couple of weeks ago! I didn’t believe he’s going to come back as a rock star again, but last night, he did it!!!
I’m so glad to see him performing again!

This is his performance from the last night’s final event.
Bret, you rock!!!!

Siegfried & Roy Final Performance/ジィーグフリードとロイ

Illusionists Siegfried and Roy, and the Tiger came back on the stage again on February 28th, but officially this was the their final performance.

Last weekend, their special documentary show was on 20/20.

I was supposed to record that show, but I forgot to take it…

If anyone knows there’s video was posted on the internet, just let me know.

I was looking forward to seeing the final performance so bad.

(I’ve already seen that documentary part from abc news video.)





How Obama Got Elected…/話題のビデオ:オバマに投票した人達

My boyfriend, Gigi sent me this video a couple of days ago thr on Facebook, and I checked it out and made me wonder, wth!! If you didn’t watch it yet, you shuold check this out. Unbelievable…, but to me it’s predictable.
It just became this week’s biggest topic thruogh the internet.

If you wanna find out more details, like what percentages they could not correctly answer about all questions…, check out the website below.

今ネットで話題になっているHow Obama Got Elected…








Beyonce & Justin Timberlake Funny Dance Scene

This video reminded me of old Japanese comedies skit… Justin is sooo funny!! I like it a lot. Unfortunately this video is no longer available to see.

これは、日本のコントとかにもありそうな、そんなビデオw ビヨンセとジャスティンがサタデーナイト・ライブに出たときのやつ。


Gov. Palin Cold Open 本物サラ・ペイリン登場!

I’ve been watching this video so many times…but still hilliarious!! i love Alec Baldwin, anyway.


P!nk "So what"

I admire her so much. She is my favorite singer songwriter, and this new single just became my favorite song right now. I think I should memorize this whole song lyrics, and wanna perform in front of the people and get crazy like her! She rocks!!!

P!nk はわたしの大好きなシンガーソングライターで、惚れるに近いほど憧れてるんです。