Sunday Afternoon/日曜日の午後

Last weekend, I had a lunch with one of my favorite girl, Manami. We met up at the cafe, Amandine in West LA. They have good food, cakes and pastries, used to be very popular among Japanese people only, but nowadays, most of all customers hanging out there, are non-japanese people…
Finally, people knew what is good and what is shit! oops..:x sorry…

By the time we got there, it’s already packed both inside and outside patio, but we barely made to get our table after we waited for 10min…

I had one of those home made sandwich (onion, spinach, Gruyere cheese with eggs sandwich). Manami had strawberry waffle(am I right?)
I never had sandwich there,(…usually when everytime I got there and buy some pastry and cakes that’s all..) but the one I had last Sunday was really tasty. I didn’t know that they are making good sandwiches also…while eating, girl’s talk had been going on, and afterwards, we got some cakes to go… and headed to 3rd Street Promenade!! Christmas Shopping!!!!

I can’t tell what I got for someone special… :)but except for that, I can tell ya!

I bought a bunch of clothes mostly for work…for work?
Yeah-yeah, It sucks, I know…but to be honest, at work, people seem like not checking you out, but they are!! Especially in women… sucks, I hate it most!
So I have to confront with everyday bullshit situation…I’m JK…ha ha ha!

Shopping is fun at all time for me…
Even if I thought,”uh-oh, I spent too much money for this shopping, oh no! what am I gonna do??” but at least, if I know they’re all worth it, it doesn’t matter…
That’s what I feel…

Oh boy…just realized that I’ve done online shopping and also went to Bestbuy and bought some home entertainment stuff, too…

With Manami @ the 3rd st promenade, santa monica♪










まなみ嬢も服は買うつもりはないって言ってたのに、H&M で私が試着してたニットの50%割引のワンピースをみて、これ可愛いね?って聞いてきたから、すかさず、「うんこれね、Made in Italy なのよ~ 他の服は、made in china とかtaiwan なのに~~。だから買いだと思うよ~」と言った私の一言により、ご購入~~www

友達パワー、おそるべし~ (。-人-。)



…そういや、このあいだオンラインで購入したベッドのシーツ、DVDとCDたちの請求もまだだったっけ? Σ(-∀-;)