Gloria’s B-day!

On April 3rd, we celebrated our precious friend, Gloria’s birthday 🙂
We gather always on special occasion.
I like to hang out with them so much.

Rod, me, Gloria. I always like to see them 🙂

Nancy, you always gladly welcome us as usual and make us comfortable environment.
It’s always good to see you ❤

I’d like to say Gloria and Rod, thank you so much for invinting Luigi plus me like a part of your family!
We don’t have a family here, so you guys are like another family to us.
and really glad that we were there to be able to share such a precious event with you guys!

——Pictures were taken in a restaurant,Smokehouse, Burbank.——
Food pictures start from here!

Dessert section

Making omelet for customers

Dessert Section….


Oops! He’s not even food:d

Chocolate Fountain

French Crepe

Uh..,s…sorry,I just noticed…that I only took pictures of dessert…:P

3月14日誕生日!/ March 14th B-day Celebration!

March 14th was, mi amore,evil and sweetheart Lui’s birthday…

We celebrated his birthday at El Coyote Mexican Cafe.

3月14日は、たまに憎たらしいんだけど愛らしい、Amore~♡ Luigi の誕生日でした。

El Coyote

He doesn’t drink much alcohol usually, but this day he ordered Margarita! and look at him 🙂 He seems to have fun and enjoy his drink 😀

ノリノリ♪ ↑

We ordered this much food for us…

Veggie Quesadilla (ケサディア)

Fish Taco and Chicken Taco(タコス2種)

Fajitas (ファヒータス)

I liked this rice~! Tasty!

Dimmed the lights…and now it’s time for “Happy Birthday” song to Gigi.

So happy for ya♡
よかったね~♪ とっても嬉しそうで何より。

It was such a fun birthday night 🙂

El coyote celebrates 80 year anniversary,
I didn’t even know that until I checked the website 😛
Happy birthday El Coyote! We’ll definitely come back soon;)
Oh, oh, by the way, I didn’t take images of tortilla chips, but they were so yummy

El Coyote は今年3月で創業80周年らしいです。

追記: あ、写真なかったけど、ここのトルティアチップスおいしかったです!!!!

dineLA Menu: Nonna

The second restaurant during the dineLA week I went to was Italian restaurant called, Nonna of Italy. They’re located in West Hollywood, have been in business for 3 years only, and are quite new Italian Restaurant in Hollywood.
Honestly, I didn’t know about this restaurant until I saw the list of the member of the dineLA.
I’ve never heard any critics of this restaurant from my people either, so I was so curious about this $$$ mark Italian Restaurant. Are they good or not?

After I had appetizer and entree, they blew me away.

しっかり、$$$ マークだったので、おいしいかどうか期待を込め、いざ出向きましたら、

Beef Carpacio カルパッチョ
Lui ordered this carpacio. He just got impressed…

Margherita Pizza マルゲリータ・ピザ
This is my appetizer, traditional Italian pizza style. Thin and crispy.
Lui was impressed again 🙂

Osso Buco Style Short Rib 仔牛すね肉の煮込み
Lui’s entree. I got a bite, it’s good, but not for me. Meat is too heavy for me.

Mediterranean Sea Bass シーバス白身魚
This is my entree, yes! Fishy fishy! I looove fish 🙂

After having fabulous appetizer and entree, maybe you might not have any space in your tummy, but it’s time for the dessert. You cannot resist this moment 😉
I ordered dark earl-gray tea with some honey. Mmm, nice combination with sweet desserts, huh? Tea adjusts sweetness and greasiness food in your stomach.


Apple Cheesecake 林檎のチーズケーキ 
Curious? You better have it…
林檎のチーズケーキってどんなだろう?と思ってオーダー。 まーまーですw

Tiramisu ティラミス
This Titamisu was gigantic…Couldn’t even finish it…

I loved more appetizers and entrees of this restaurant than its desserts.
However, I think it was a good Italian restaurant discovery for us…It’s close to our home, easy to get there. Next time, I wanna try some pasta 🙂


 〖The dinela Menu list of Nonna〗
以下フルの dinela メニューリスト

Choice of Appetizers

Soup Tasting
Pappa al Pomodoro, Ribollita & Soup of the Day

Beef Carpacio

Raw beef fillet thinly sliced w/ shaved parmesan, baby arugula, extra virgin olive oil

Margherita Pizza

Tomato, mozzarella, basil

Choice of Entrees

Mediterranean Sea Bass
Grilled fillet of Mediterranean sea bass, tiny potatoes & broccolini, white wine & Meyer lemon sauce

Osso Buco Style Short Rib
All day braised short rib, gold whipped potatoes, roasted beats

Sauteed Clams
Spaghetti, sauteed manila clams, garlic, chopped cherry tomato, parsley, white wine

Choice of Desserts

Apple Cheesecake


2004 Dolce

dineLA Menu: Maison Akira

Another dineLA restaurant week started a couple of weeks ago and just finished yesterday.
This time I only tried 3 restaurants’ dineLA menu.

またまたdineLA ウィークの季節がやってまいりました。
今回で何回目?というぐらいのdineLA ウィークですが、
良いお値段で食べれるのが、dineLA の醍醐味。

My first dineLA week 2011 was authentic French cuisine,
Maison Akira“, owner and chef by Japanese chef, Akira Hirose.


Their dineLA menu was amazing. One of my friend and I ordered the wine pairing course.

This one was served before the appetizer. It’s mozzarella and red bell pepper?? I forgot, but it’s good stuff 🙂
これは前菜の前に、テーブルに出されたのですが、モッツアレラに赤ピーマンとか言ってたかしらん??ちょっとあまり覚えてないんですが・・・w(すみません。) でも、おいしかったです。

The bread was served. It’s so soft!! I loved this bread!!!

Maybe from this image, you cannot see much details, but as an appetizer, we ordered “Grilled Duck Foie Gras – on Daikon Confit in a Portwine Truffle Sauce”

This one cost another $10 from your pocket, otherwise you couldn’t get Foie Gras!!
ちなみに、今回このコースメニューは、$44となっていたのですが、このフォアグラコースは、$10増しとなりましたw でも普段フォアグラなんてめったに頂くことなんてないので、$10なんて惜しくない!!!ということで、皆さん、全員フォアグラを食べてましたwww

This is my Entree, “Sautéed New Zealand Wild Tai Snapper
in a Black Mussel and Seaweed Chardonnay Sauce”

Wow, I loved this dish! I’m not a meat person, fish is my favorite energy sauce! That’s why I orderd this without hesitation at all 🙂

これはメインコースのニュージーランド産の鯛。 このソースと鯛のコンビネーションが凄くよかったです。わさびテイストのマッシュポテトなどもサイドについてて、おいしくいただけました。

Look at this!!! Doesn’t it look beautiful?? My friend ordered one of the authentic entree, “Maple Leaf Duck Breast Rôti, Sauce à L’Orange with Daikon Pot au Feu and Shiitake Mushroom
I got a tiny portion of the duck, it was so tender and juicy. Like I said, I’m not a meat person, it looked amazing but nothing appeal to me…

こちらは、私のお友達が注文した鴨の胸肉のローストバージョン!一口戴きましたけど、わたしの注文したあっさりした魚とは真逆でとてもやわらかくて脂身もあってこってり系。次の日、これをオーダーした友達は胸焼けおこしてましたww おいしいかったとは思いますが、私にはちょっとtoo much でしたかね(もともと、肉より魚派ですのでね)。

By the time the desserts had came to our table, everyone of us was already full, but we better finish the course anyway…These desserts that we had,

“Vanilla Yuzu Cream Brûlée”
My friend ordered this. I had a bite. It’s Cream Brûlée!! but still I could tell the flavor of Vanilla Yuzu.


“Crêpes with Baked Banana and Caramel Ice Cream”
Another friend and I had this. French desserts are supposed to be crepes! Caramel Ice Cream was too sweet for me, but it was good with a cup of espresso.

I think they had a pretty good menu this time during the dineLA week, although I’ve never had dineLA week menu from Maison Akira before.:P)
When the next dineLA week event comes,you should try this french cuisine.
I might go again too 😛

dineLA ウィークならではの、贅沢メニュー。

以下フルのメニューの内容です。 (英語ですが)
These are full course Menu

Choice of Appetizer

Côté Seared House Smoked Scottish Salmon
With Japanese Eggplant Caviar

Sautéed Hokkaido Scallops with Shimeji Mushrooms
In a Yuzu Kosho Jus

Winter White Corn Soup with Duck Confit

Choice of Entrees

Sautéed New Zealand Wild Tai Snapper
in a Black Mussel and Seaweed Chardonnay Sauce

Angus Beef Château Steak in a Cabernet & Béarnaise Sauce
with Gratin of Potato & Oyster Mushroom Sympatic

Maple Leaf Duck Breast Rôti, Sauce à L’Orange
With Daikon Pot au Feu and Shiitake Mushroom

Choice of Desserts

Vanilla Yuzu Cream Brûlée

Crêpes with Baked Banana and Caramel Ice Cream

Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse Cake and Maccha Ice Cream

Ramen / ラーメン

I had the JINYA ramen, a couple of weeks ago at the restaurant’s called “Ramen JINYA” in Universal city.

They are located in a hidden place, when I was driving, I almost passed by the place :$

I had JINYA Ramen (chicken broth)

Luigi had Tomato Seafood Ramen

Mine was ordinarily good. Tomato seafood was kinda unique taste. It’s not bad though.
I think some people like it, some people don’t.


Next time, I’d like to order Tonkotsu Ramen (Pork broth).

Terroni/ テローニ

Halloween is right around the corner.
You already got your costume??

Last Sunday, my friends and I spent some hours to find our own Halloween costumes at one of the huge costume stores in West Hollywood. We’re like, who you’re going to be? What you are going to be? You should try this on! oops, how do I look? Oh, Where’s the mirror? Aww, you look so good on that! …Yes, so hard for us to make decisions. but it was fun!

Anyways, right after the shopping, we went to eat Italian food at Terroni.


牛のカルパッチョ Beef carpaccio

Mozzarella mascarpone prosciutto Pizza

マッシュルーム パスタ Funghi Pasta

A huge Tiramisu

Panna Cotta

My favorite dessert, “Affogato”

Sorry…, you couldn’t quite see it…, don’t worry, I found a better picture from





Every thing that we ordered was delicioso!

サンデーブランチ♪ / Sunday Brunch

On Sunny Sunday late morning, I had a nice sunday brunch at restaurant located high ground. The view from the hilltop is brilliant.

Hmm, can only see the hills and hills…:0? Can anyone see other stuff?

Clams, Rolls, and Omelette.

This place suites for the sea food lovers.

Of course, Mimosa! ミモザももちろん。

My 2nd round dish was filled with Crabs, Fried white Fish, King Salmons and Eel Rolls. Mmmmm I loved it!!

Chocolate fountain is like a heaven to someone!!

Dessert I picked. デザートも。

Lovely Carps were there in the pond. 鯉もいたの♪

That wasn’t bad at all, actually I like this place.
can’t wait to go back there again…

日本から/ All of a Sudden

All of a sudden, my friend, Takumi came from Japan to California for his short vacation! I haven’t seen him since last year when I went back to Japan.
It was really unexpected to see him in LA, so I got excited to see him again!


He was staying at his friend, Yusuke’s house in San Francisco, and Yusuke and he drove all the way from there to LA together.


The day we meet, I had a plan to take them to Little Tokyo, and would have had nice Japanese food there, but I changed my mind in a last minute…LA Live would be more new and popular place for tourists. So, we headed to Yard House at LA Live.

当初、リトルトーキョーでディナーする予定だったのを、急遽変更で、我々はダウンタウンはLA Liveへ。 ドラフトビールのセレクションが半端ない、Yard House (ヤード・ハウス)にてお食事してきましたよ~v

The food was delicious! Our choices were excellent 😉

Seared Ahi Sashimi キハダの刺身 

Bearnaise Sliders (Four mini burgers with fries and pickles)ベアネーズミニバーガー

BBQ Chicken Salad バーベキュー・チキンサラダ

Grilled Korean BBQ Beef
I loved this Korean BBQ Beef.

And of course, the beer was excellent, but my stomach was already full, couldn’t even fill up with another glass of beer.


It was soooo good to see him again!!:D

Takumi and Yusuke-kun, I had a fun night with you guys;)

Angelini Osteria 高級イタリアン

A while ago, my friend and I had dinner at a fancy Italian Restaurant, called Angelini Osteria. All the dishes including ANTIPASTI, PRIMI, SECONDI are higher price than typical Italian restaurants, but food is really good!!!!
ちょっと前になりますが、ずっと前から行きたかったAngelini Osteria というイタリアンへ初めて行って参りました。

These are the meal that I had at that night.

Bread basket was served as soon as you get seated…

I don’t know what this is…tasted kinda beans…?

Sorry, I should have updated my blog as early as I could…I forgot what kind of tartare was, but this was definitely one of my favorite dishes with Arugula!
何のtartare だったか忘れちゃいましたが(普通のビーフだったっけ?)、パンの上にブラータと乗っかってて、うまく味付けされていて、絶妙においしい~!!

Caprese with Heirloom Tomatoes and Burrata
もうひとつ、前菜にトマトとモチモチっとしたイタリアンカプレーゼとブラータサラダを 頂きましたが、これも美味!

Sea Urchin Pasta ウニのパスタ 

Grilled Lamb Chops allo Scottadito with Arugula Salad


I had Ice Cream Affogato Gelato Drowned in a Shot of Espresso

My friend had Tiramisu-like dessert. I had a little bites, tasted like Tiramisu though, but remember this ain’t Tiramisu!

Overall, the meal was excellent, and their services were fantastic.
They didn’t charge our coffee…:0
Angelini Osteria はお味だけでなく、お店のサービスも良かったです。

I think I definitely want to come back there again.

Next is…Madeo!!!!

July 4th- Night / ç‹¬ç«‹è¨˜å¿µæ—¥-夜

Typically, people eat beef! beef! and beef! on July 4th. and in the end,
calebrate with fireworks.
We’re so lucky to stay in this hotel. The fireworks took place right outside of the hotel. I’ve never seen fireworks this much close ever! Sooo beautiful!


We went to Italian restaurant called, Sirocco. Zagat rating was great for this restaurant as well. As the secondi menu, we got chicken instead of beef. The red meat was all out on the night. People were craving for red meat!! huh?
The menu that we had was as follows.


まずはシャンペンでお祝い。Started from champagne to celebrate the birthday of USA

Home made Ravioli on the house as an appetizer

Beef Carpaccio 牛のカルパッチョ

tomato soup

Porcini Risotto リゾット

Sorbet before the main course お肉(鶏)の前の口直しに出た、シャーベット

このルイジの顔!!!嬉しそう~ 笑 てか、この顔!何たくらんでるんだ~~?

でました!鶏肉~!A huge chicken as a main course

After we got served Chicken, we herd the huge sound of the fireworks from outside. We told our waiter that we come back to finish the main course and left the restaurant for fireworks.


I took this video because the fireworks were so close from our standing area!! Just right in front of us! There’s more videos on youtube thou, if you are interested, go check that out.

花火最後のあたりだけ、ブログに載せました。最初のシーンはyoutube に載せてますよ~

After the fireworks, we went back to our table, and got seated again and ate some rest of the chicken that we ordered. It was too much…I couldn’t even continue to eat rest of the chicken…The same thing to Luigi…haha Even though we had enough, we ordered dessert.


Coffee Panna cotta コーヒーパンナコッタ

This coffee panna cotta was too thick creamy taste…kinda heavy…

Dessert Wine デザートと一緒にでた甘いワイン
This wine tasted like mixed sweet and bitter at the same time in my mouth. It was not my taste though 😦
So I just pause to a camera~♪

Overall, it was a wonderful 4th of July finale to us.