Gloria’s B-day!

On April 3rd, we celebrated our precious friend, Gloria’s birthday 🙂
We gather always on special occasion.
I like to hang out with them so much.

Rod, me, Gloria. I always like to see them 🙂

Nancy, you always gladly welcome us as usual and make us comfortable environment.
It’s always good to see you ❤

I’d like to say Gloria and Rod, thank you so much for invinting Luigi plus me like a part of your family!
We don’t have a family here, so you guys are like another family to us.
and really glad that we were there to be able to share such a precious event with you guys!

——Pictures were taken in a restaurant,Smokehouse, Burbank.——
Food pictures start from here!

Dessert section

Making omelet for customers

Dessert Section….


Oops! He’s not even food:d

Chocolate Fountain

French Crepe

Uh..,s…sorry,I just noticed…that I only took pictures of dessert…:P


There was a double birthday party going on last week.



I couldn’t attend the dinner which was the first course of the b-day party though. Unexpected trouble happened to my apt kitchen. I was about to leave home for party 😦
It was happened… Water coming out of the sink, kitchen was flooded…

I got sooo freaked out!
I was like, ‘NOOOOOOO!!! Gotta be joking!! it shouldn’t be happening~! ‘
So as soon as it got fixed and cleaned up the floor, I headed to party…but by the the time, everybody else was just finished eating, of course…, nothing left on the table…but it’s OK! I had so much fun rest of the night with folks!

Congrats! Both of ya!





※ ゆーこさーん、写真プリントスクリーンしちゃったーーっw flickrってセーブできないのねん~

Private Dinner Party @ Joseph Mahon’s

In my last blog, I mentioned about I went to a private dinner party at Mr. Joseph Mahon’s house.

My best friend is running the Groumet Club, that night was one of her Groumet club party, then I attended it!




Joseph Mahon is an executive chef of the restaurant “208 rodeo” in Beverly Hills.

ジョセフさんは”208 rodeo“ という名のロデオドライブにあるティファニー裏玄関から斜め前に位置するレストランのエグゼクティブシェフ。一度は行ってみたいと思いつつ、行くチャンスがなかったので、このイベントはまさにうってつけでした。

The menu that we had were almost the same quality as his restaurant’s.

出された料理の方も、どれも味が格別~♪ なんとほぼレストランで出しているものと変わらないのだとか。

ひょえ~~~ さすがじゃの~~~

We had the following course!

Everything was sooo delicious!

【前菜1/ Appetizer1 】
Potato Lentil Soup with sausages

I liked it a lot!

【前菜2/ Appetizer2 】
Beets Salad

I don’t usually eat Beets Salad,but this was good.

【メイン Entree】
Wild Salmon Confit

My number one dish of the night.

Pear Tart