Lakers Victory Parade/レイカーズパレード

I’ve been waiting for this so long! Lakers Victory Parade! I sneaked out, and participated in the celebration! Woo-hoo!!!

When I got to Staples center,it’s so crowded with people and people waited to see Lakers…wow, crazy…yeah I think I was too. hahaha. I was so pissed already before Lakers showed up because people were complained about they can’t see. Hmm, hello? I’m the one smaller than all of you and completely can’t see! Don’t complain!! Some woman pissed us off big time too! So we insulted her in Japanese so she’s not able to understand what we’re saying. In Japanese, we’re like”You were not the only one cannot see but everybody else cannot see either!

Finally, Lakers arrived, but they didn’t start the bus yet…

待つだけ待っていざ、キタ━(゚∀゚)━!!てなったら、チョッパヤで通り過ぎちゃう始末で、写真のメインは前の人の頭だらけに。。。カメラのシャッターチャンス逃しまくりで、いやーついてなかったざんす・・・。背が低くて苦労するのはこういう時だなーとしみじみ…。でも、人と人の間からちゃんと選手達を見ることができましたので、自分的にはokで、写真的にはnot ok …トホホ…。
We waited and waited and now here they come! but…they passed by in front of us pretty quick…so I missed the good shot for my pictures. Gah!!

We didn’t go to Coliseum, just saw Lakers passed and we left.

After I got back to work, I was looking for Live streaming by onloine, but I couldn’t find it! I knew it should have been on ABC News…hmm.

then, my friend Jun IM me and told me the link of the streaming!

Ohhhh, my gooooood!!

同じABCはABCでも、ずーっとABCの総合サイト で探していた私。
It was on the local channel site, abc7…I couldn’t find it because I’d been looking for in the regular abc news site…


自分にただ、ただ悔しかった私でしたがKobe と Gasol、Fisherの挨拶の部分だけでも見れたので、良かったです。
It was almost the end but I got to see the Kobe, Gasol and Fisher’s speech so overall it’s ok.

Thank you Lakers!! I’m already expecting the next season! 😉

Lakers won 2009 NBA title!!!

Lakers won!!!!!!!!!!
They just became a champion 2009!!!



I’m soooo happy for Kobe Bryant who leads the team and coaches them and is captain of the USA team! Finally, he just proved to the world that he’s the best player in the world! He also proved that he can win without Shaq!! hahaha!
He’s always been compared to Shaq or Michael Jordan, like “He can’t be Michael Jordan!” “He can’t lead the team, he’s the one man player..” but tonight he finally shut those haters mouth!!!

優勝してコービーが喜んでる姿を見て、感動して泣きそうになった… そりゃーそうでしょ。。。コービーは今回でファイナル4回優勝したけど、今までは、シャックとか他のベテラン選手が居て自分の力で勝ったと認めてもらえず、いつもプレスとかに批判されてばかり。「彼はマイケル・ジョーダンにはなれない」とかシャックと比較されたり散々たたかれてきたコービー。。。

Thank Kobe for staying Lakers a couple of years ago!! If he gave up playing in Lakers at that time,we fan couldn’t even feel that accomplishment!


He has won 4 times NBA title as a player since 2002, but as a team leader of Lakers, since he leads this team by himself, this is his 1st win!!!! so it means a lot to him for sure!! More than ever!!!

All the Lakers haters, Kobe haters,listen, Kobe is the man in NBA!!!!! 😉

I’m so proud to be Kobe and a laker fan!

I can’t wait for the parade!

NBA FINAL 1st Round/ NBA ファイナル第1戦

アメリカ時間木曜日、NBAバスケットボールのファイナル(決勝)第1戦目がダウンタウンで行われ、見事、Los Angeles レイカーズが100-75で初戦白星を飾りました!
Lakers won the 1st round of NBA Final at their home ground last Thursday! The score was 100-75! Yaeeeeah!!!

私はレイカーズの大ファン!昨年もこのお祭り騒ぎに参加してくれる人を集めて、スポーツバーなどで応援。惜しくも負けてしまい優勝を逃したレイカーズですが、今年はレイカーズ優勝という願いを込めて、初戦から一緒に応援しようね!と言ってくれる同僚など興味のある人を集め、会社に程近い、ステープルセンター(試合会場)前にあるESPN ZONEへ!
I’m a huge fan of Lakers, especially Kobe,Ariza,and Gasol. When they play really good, I get so hiper all the time…Last year, I gathered people who were interested in the NBA Finals, and then we went to sports bar as Laker supporters,unfortunately, they were beaten by Celtics and couldn’t become a champion of the league…,but this year would be different! That’s how I feel! So again, I gathered people at the ESPN ZONE, downtown Los Angeles last thursday…

It should have been that way…,however by the time we arrived at the ESPN ZONE, it was already a huge line…,hmm…,it didn’t seem like we could get in before the game starts..we changed the plan! left ESPN line and got in the other restaurant and bars nearby ESPN.

It turned out really good. I was right! We got the bar in front of the TVs! Yeah!

Overall, Lakers won and I had so much fun there.

After the game, we stopped by the Laker merchandise place,

asked the sales guy,”Do you have this or that? blah blah blah…”

Got a 2009 NBA Final Laker T-Shirt and,

Laker flag for the car! This is the proof of a real Laker fan;)

Put the flag on my car so that’s why I look happy… hahahaha!

It was so much fun!!!

Thank you for coming with me!

Next game will be Sunday…

Other pictures are 、here.