Oscar Night/オスカーナイト

Did you watch the Oscars last night?
It was annual academy awards last night at Kodak theatre in Hollywood.

“Slumdog Millionaire” won 8 titles, including the best pictures of the year.
This year’s host Hugh Jackman did awesome job and it was fun to watch every moment of the show this year.

It was predictable who will won or who will not won. Even I felt the sense of the winning, when “Wall-e” won for the Best Animated Film and also Sean Penn won for the Best Leading Actor Role, I applaused and screamed at home…

Wall-e is one of my favorite movie of the last year, I owned Blu-ray movie of this, too…

The Best Leading Actor Role, as I remember, Micky Rourke took both in SAG Awards and Golden Globe Awards. So this time in real, I was thinking Sean Penn would win tonight. And after all, he won!

So those were main reasons that I screamed out for!

Also, there’s another remarkable moment.
Japanese movie, “Departures” won for Foreign Language Film, and “La Maison en Petits Cubes” won for Animated Short Film…

Yay!Bravo! Japan! I feel somehow it would be another Japanese boom will arrive all over the US this year!

“Thank you! God Bless you!! I’m so honor to accept this…Firs of all, I’d like to thank…”
Someday…somehow…I hope I could be on the stage and make a speech like this…LOL

主要部門では、『スラムドッグ$ミリオネア』が8部門で受賞(最優秀作品賞含む)、『ベンジャミン・バトン 数奇な人生』は3部門、『ダークナイト』と『ミルク』が2部門受賞しました。

今年はわたしにとって予想通りの展開だったけれども、さすがに自分が好きな作品 『Wall・e 』がアニメーション部門、ハーヴィー・ミルク役のショーン・ペンが『ミルク』で最優秀男優賞(ベストアクター)を獲った瞬間は絶叫せずにはいられず、1人叫んでいたw


私もオスカー像を手にして、Thank you! I’m so honor to accept this…Firs of all, I’d like to thank…などとスピーチしてみたいものです! <<って、おまえ何もやってないのに何いっとんじゃーっ 爆

Hugh Jackman’s awesome opening number!