Exhibition of the Products of Hokkaido/北海道物産展


なんと~~~っ 北海道物産展がちょうど地元の駅ビルで開催中!
Exhibition of products of Hokkaido have been held in my hometown Hachioji between 5/19 to 5/25. Hokkaido food is superb in Japan. Tasty milk, seafood, fruit,vegetables a lot more. If you want to eat delicious food in Japan, I would recommend you to go to Hokkaido.
I saw lots of people in this exhibition to get delicious food on Tuesday morning. I was one of them too. Lots of good food made me difficult to make a decision what I should get.

Most popular one was Pure Caramel Candy. It was about $8 a dozen…little bit expensive…


It was a huge line of caramel section…There are various flavors,such as milk caramel, bananas,chocolate,and green tea. become addicted to it…:)


前にも食べたことはあったんですが、このチーズオムレツが最高においしいの~w 口の中でとろけるような歯ごたえ!んんんんー!たまらない!(…って誰だよw)
This cheese omelette is sooooo good. I felt as if it was meling on my toungue.

I looooove bread!!! Pullman Bakery‘s signature is this deep fried curry sauce bread. I got 4 of them.


On the TVshow called, “TV Champion”, this curry bread have held the championship for 2 times in row in Japan. Umai wakeda ne~

This is the Pullman Bakery’s number 1 hit product. You can eat this bread without butter. Mmmmm, yummy!

他にも、At the exhibition, they have…


こーんなもの、and this,

and this! (Sorry, most pictures I took was sweets…)

This milk and yogurt were taken by Jersey cattle. 1 liter was sold about $5 bucks!!!
ha ha ha ha ha…thick taste though…it’s really good.

at last, I had a milk ice cream. Just the taste of thicker milk!! Wowww…

I feel like I’m going to become a pig already…Oh no!

and many others…

ロイズのチョコ Royce chocolates

LeTAOのベークドチーズケーキ Baked cheesecake


cheese cakes and Belgian chocolate cakes

Back in Hometown Hachioji / 帰郷


帰ってきてすぐ地元の写真を撮りました。This is my home town Hachioji, Tokyo. These pictures were taken on 2nd day of staying in Japan.

It’s been a while since ECO boomed among Japanese people. Eco Car Festival was going on, on the “You road.” I found the tiny cute eco car from TOYOTA, IQ and then got in a car.

結構、車内は広かったよ♪ It’s tiny but inside front had more space.
これ以外にも、レクサス、ヴォルクスワーゲン、メルセデスとかなどなど飾ってありました。They were showing Lexus,VW,Mercedes,and so on.

駅ビルデパート「そごう」は家から歩いて10分のとこにあります。This department store,SOGO is 10 min away from my home.

向かい側にはTokyu Square(東急系列のセレクトショップがいっぱい入ってる)ビルもあって、久々帰ってきたんだなぁ~としみじみ。。。
This is another biggest mall in my home town, located across the street from SOGO, called Tokyu Square building. There are bunch of shops inside of the building. Uniqlo is in here too. I felt like wow! I’m back.

In basement area of department stores in Japan, there’s food section, such as bakerys,bento,seafood, meat, Japanese sweeets, International Sweets, and sozai.


買ってないけど (笑 、このモナカアイス、抹茶とかバナナとかミルクとかうまそう~!
I haven’t gotten this ice cream yet…,but looking sooooo goood isn’t it?? There are variety of the flavors. Green tea, Bananas,Milk…mmmmmmmmm!

This bakery is one of my favorite since I was a kid. One of the biggest bakery brand named “Pompadour”.

This “Chocolate Ring Doughnut” is my favorite one 🙂 I always get it when I come home. Sooooooo gooooooood!

There are 3 to 4 big bakery in SOGO, and another one is in Tokyou Square building. I am bread and pastry freak, these places are heaven…(=^~^)o∀

This potsticker’s store was really good. I think the store name in English pronounced, “hao ciaoz.”….:$
ニラ餃子2ヶと、しそ餃子2ヶ、普通の餃子6ヶ購入して、その日、夕飯でよっち(父)が作ってくれたお好み焼きと一緒に食べました。We got 2 nira onions potstickers, 2 perilla potstickers and 6 regular pot sticers with my dad’s okonomiyaki

よっちのお好み焼き/made by Daddy

我が家の犬、ラブレトのサンディー♪ もう11歳で元気がなくなって寝てばっかなんです。。。昔がとてもやんちゃ坊主だっただけに心配です。。。
My family dog, Sandy! He’s already 11 years old granpa…He used to be so hyper all the time when he was young…I’m so worried his health…:(