夏の思い出~トイ・ストーリーの遊園地/ Fun Zone

Toy Story Fun Zone was launched in Hollywood! ( But sorry guys, it’s already finito…:(

Woody and Buzz welcomed us at the entrance.

Ferris Wheel高速観覧車

Y香りんと一緒に♪ With my friend, Yuka

The view from the top of the Ferris wheel


Meet the characters of Toy Story 3!
映画 トイ・ストーリー3 のモデル達


Ken in his dream house

The show, called “Dancing with the toys”
Dancing with the Stars を真似た、Dancing with the Toys というショーも行われてたよ。

Sitting on the giant chair made me feel like I became a toy!?

It was really fun zone!!! Can you see me really enjoy?

NYE 2009 and NYD2010

On NYE, I went to Madeo and spent a moment of the last time of the 2009 and celebrated for the new year 2010.

Loud music had been on, it seemed totally different place to me. It made me feel like, where am I? Some kind of club or something?? haha.

On New year’s day, before the moviegoing,we had a happy hour dinner at BoHo. The food was good! The service was decent. We felt that we definitely will come back there again.


This is the sunset view from the parking structure rooftop.

I’d like to dedicate to ppl who read my blog, I wish you and your family have a wonderful year 2010!!


LAFD Annual Event

They came back again! During the lunch time last Thursday, Yuka and I went to the LAFD Annual event at downtown LA. Actually we already went this event last year as well. I took a lot of pics of that event from last year.

I had not started this blog yet last year around this time.

We took pictures with Firefighters…,

I became a firefighter…,

and had some tasty food…,it was like a carnival! but…

This year was a little different from the last year. The food booths looked less than the last time. We were looking for the food that we had last time…,but we couldn’t find it…Firefighters from various food booths were walking around so we got chance to get the most of all food of sample.At this time, I just got a BBQ Pork sandwich with salad…Sorry I didn’t take a picture of it, but the taste was good.

We bought $10 combo meal tickets, $7 for food, $1 for drink, $2 for etc. We both have $2 tickets left…thought that we don’t wanna waste that money!! so got in line to get a funnel cake…however it was a huge line, had to wait for over half an hour…so we gave up to get the cake.

We got kettle corn instead of the funnel cake. This booth was also a line too…at last, it’s the same thing which lines that we got in…gah…

でも男がうらやむ、あのレイカーガールズに会って写真撮れたのが唯一の収穫かな~♪ ほほほ♪(勝ち誇った感じwww)
Look at this!! I took pictures of Laker Girl! I’m in too! hehehee. Isn’t this good huh? In this event,these pictures are the only thing that I can be proud of…hahaha!

NBA FINAL 1st Round/ NBA ファイナル第1戦

アメリカ時間木曜日、NBAバスケットボールのファイナル(決勝)第1戦目がダウンタウンで行われ、見事、Los Angeles レイカーズが100-75で初戦白星を飾りました!
Lakers won the 1st round of NBA Final at their home ground last Thursday! The score was 100-75! Yaeeeeah!!!

私はレイカーズの大ファン!昨年もこのお祭り騒ぎに参加してくれる人を集めて、スポーツバーなどで応援。惜しくも負けてしまい優勝を逃したレイカーズですが、今年はレイカーズ優勝という願いを込めて、初戦から一緒に応援しようね!と言ってくれる同僚など興味のある人を集め、会社に程近い、ステープルセンター(試合会場)前にあるESPN ZONEへ!
I’m a huge fan of Lakers, especially Kobe,Ariza,and Gasol. When they play really good, I get so hiper all the time…Last year, I gathered people who were interested in the NBA Finals, and then we went to sports bar as Laker supporters,unfortunately, they were beaten by Celtics and couldn’t become a champion of the league…,but this year would be different! That’s how I feel! So again, I gathered people at the ESPN ZONE, downtown Los Angeles last thursday…

It should have been that way…,however by the time we arrived at the ESPN ZONE, it was already a huge line…,hmm…,it didn’t seem like we could get in before the game starts..we changed the plan! left ESPN line and got in the other restaurant and bars nearby ESPN.

It turned out really good. I was right! We got the bar in front of the TVs! Yeah!

Overall, Lakers won and I had so much fun there.

After the game, we stopped by the Laker merchandise place,

asked the sales guy,”Do you have this or that? blah blah blah…”

Got a 2009 NBA Final Laker T-Shirt and,

Laker flag for the car! This is the proof of a real Laker fan;)

Put the flag on my car so that’s why I look happy… hahahaha!

It was so much fun!!!

Thank you for coming with me!

Next game will be Sunday…

Other pictures are 、here.

Damian Marley Night

Damian! Yes! I grabbed my girl to see Damian Marley and Nas at Grammy Museum in downtown, about a couple of weeks ago.

As you know, Damian is a son of legendary reggeae artist Bob Marley

and he is also three time Grammy Award winning reggae artist. To me, he’s the best reggae artist among Marley family nowadays.

His brothers are also reggae artist, but I’m less interested in their music because Damian is more good looking, maybe…? JK!

Nas, NY Hiphop artist, and Damian Marley was working on an album together in the recording studio, so in this event, Nas and Damian got the interview about their album work and our audiences were able to be involved with them. Like, we can question them, and they’ll answer to us, kinda thing too. More “Inside Actor’s Studio” type of event. After the interview, live music battle started by both artist.
That moment was awesome.

会場の中 Soundstage




左ダミアン Left:Damian


Ticket cost only $20 bucks. I’d enjoyed the show and enjoyed the inside of the museum 🙂 I definitely want to come back again…


Paparatzied Damian by Yuka

Welcome to Jamrock is my favorite:) これ好きっ!

Oscar Night/オスカーナイト

Did you watch the Oscars last night?
It was annual academy awards last night at Kodak theatre in Hollywood.

“Slumdog Millionaire” won 8 titles, including the best pictures of the year.
This year’s host Hugh Jackman did awesome job and it was fun to watch every moment of the show this year.

It was predictable who will won or who will not won. Even I felt the sense of the winning, when “Wall-e” won for the Best Animated Film and also Sean Penn won for the Best Leading Actor Role, I applaused and screamed at home…

Wall-e is one of my favorite movie of the last year, I owned Blu-ray movie of this, too…

The Best Leading Actor Role, as I remember, Micky Rourke took both in SAG Awards and Golden Globe Awards. So this time in real, I was thinking Sean Penn would win tonight. And after all, he won!

So those were main reasons that I screamed out for!

Also, there’s another remarkable moment.
Japanese movie, “Departures” won for Foreign Language Film, and “La Maison en Petits Cubes” won for Animated Short Film…

Yay!Bravo! Japan! I feel somehow it would be another Japanese boom will arrive all over the US this year!

“Thank you! God Bless you!! I’m so honor to accept this…Firs of all, I’d like to thank…”
Someday…somehow…I hope I could be on the stage and make a speech like this…LOL

主要部門では、『スラムドッグ$ミリオネア』が8部門で受賞(最優秀作品賞含む)、『ベンジャミン・バトン 数奇な人生』は3部門、『ダークナイト』と『ミルク』が2部門受賞しました。

今年はわたしにとって予想通りの展開だったけれども、さすがに自分が好きな作品 『Wall・e 』がアニメーション部門、ハーヴィー・ミルク役のショーン・ペンが『ミルク』で最優秀男優賞(ベストアクター)を獲った瞬間は絶叫せずにはいられず、1人叫んでいたw


私もオスカー像を手にして、Thank you! I’m so honor to accept this…Firs of all, I’d like to thank…などとスピーチしてみたいものです! <<って、おまえ何もやってないのに何いっとんじゃーっ 爆

Hugh Jackman’s awesome opening number!

Italian Feast in L.A. イタリアンフェスティバル

I went to the 7th annnual Italian Feast lately. It was located on Hollywood/Highland. There was a last min.call from my girlfriend, told me that there’s an Italian festival’s going on at nearby my place. It was easy access for me to get there, just a couple of miles from home. Sooo my b-friend,Gigi and I decided to go there and join my girlfriend and her husband for a while. Although Gigi had to go to work in a couple of hours from that time, it was actually fun. There are lots of food, drinks and music…etc. I thought at least that we could have more enjoyed the festival, if G and I had spent more time there… in spite of the fact that we had a really good time. Gigi bought me a cute Italian t-shirt from the festival…mmmmI like it! Thanks a lot!

実は友達夫婦からこの情報を得て、彼らと合流しようということだったのだけどもジジが仕事に行かなくてはならなかったので、ものの30~40分ぐらいしか彼らとは一緒にいれなかったんだよね~ ざんねん・・・。
イタリアといえば、GELATO だけど、格別うまい!っていうGELATOを期待していたが、大したことなくてちとガッカリー。。。
ま、所詮こんなもんでしょーw ジジも、本当のイタリアの良いもの(売っている商品など)は