Tokyo Disney Sea 3 Night time and… / 日本里帰り 東京ディズニーシー夜、そしてまとめ編

The Sailing Day Buffet from outside look in the evening.

During the night, this “Tower of Terror” looks cooler than any others in US.
アメリカのと違って、Tower of Terror 怖い貫禄あった。

This is after the Fantasmic!

At the Gift shop! It’s Mickey’s Halloween Hat
お土産屋にて~ 可愛いでしょ?この帽子w 買わなかったのが悔やまれる・・・。

OK, now I’d like to tell you which “Fantasmic!” I love the most?
Honestly, original one from Anaheim Disneyland is the best!
I’m a huge fan of “Fantasmic!” of Anaheim Disneyland version so that I think my expectation of Tokyo Disney Sea version was too much. I shouldn’t have been like that…:(
TDS version was not bad, but I didn’t like the choreography of some Disney characters and also they added Japanese lyrics to chorus which is really unnecessary part, and Mickey’s Japanese lines…limitation of his movements…pretty disappointed me…
Oh, I gotta tell you this. The show was very limited view from where I was watching… So, I couldn’t see well either…Thanks to my dad that he was recording some part of the show I couldn’t see well…TDS! I gotta say something to ya! You guys have to work on that audience area, do something like providing FastPass or something else! “World of Color” is offering guests FASTPASS in Cali!:P
But, the entire show was spectacular with special effects, light performances and pyrotechnics. Especially, the colors and fireworks. Those parts were amazing! It’s like a lot more “World of Color” of California Adventure.
I can tell TDS “Fantasmic!” is better than Disney World in Orland, Florida.
I’ve seen Disney World version as well, very popular over there as well, but not excited as much as the anaheim Disneyland one. It’s OK, kinda show to me…

So,I keep telling ya that Disneyland, Anaheim “Fantasmic!” is the best.
I want to share the original Disney’s “Fantasmic!” experience with you guys.
Check out the videos if you are interested. I posted down on this page,just in case.

Oh my god, this post definitely makes me feel that I wanna go back there and see the “Fantasmic!” again! (>_<)!



ショー全体を通すと、やっぱりアメリカのディズニーランドのオリジナルが一番だということがわかりました。( ̄ェ ̄;) (日本の皆さん、ごめんなさい。)



92年に初めて「Fantasmic!」がDisneylandでお目見えしてから、約20年の月日が経とうとしています。その間、新しいディズニーのキャラクターが増えたり、クライマックスシーンのドラゴンが変わったりなど、改良に改良を重ね、今もアナハイムのDisneyland の人気アトラクションで居続けています。あまりの人気にフロリダ、ディズニーワールドでもスタートし、遂には10周年を迎えた東京ディズニーシーでもスタートした、超必見のアトラクション。




オープニングで好きなとこ My favorite part of Opening01:34

ピーターパンと海賊船 Classic Peter Pan Scene (0:54)

Dragon’s the Murphy appearance ドラゴン登場シーン!下にいるミッキーが可愛すぎ! (2:17)
Sorcerer Mickey shows us some magic!!!! 感動的なラスト魔法使いの弟子のミッキーが魔法かけまくり!!ここでいつも感動して泣きます(笑)(6:19)

Tokyo Disney Sea 2 / 日本里帰り 東京ディズニーシー食事編

I gotta say this…In Tokyo Disney Sea, the food is excellent compare to American one. As you may know, it’s normal thing that the food in theme park is always expensive and does tastes sucks! but in Tokyo Disney Sea, it’s different. A bit of pricey, but very tasty and fresh stuff you can get,so… it’s worth it.
America! Shame on you!!!!

Take a look at some pictures I took from the Tokyo Disney Sea’s restaurant called, “Sailing Day Buffet.” This all you can eat restaurant is usually very busy. If you see a long line, you can get FASTPASS… Fortunately when my dad and I went there, just a couple of groups before us, that’s all…Didn’t need to get FastPass though. FASTPASS to eat!!!??? I’ve never heard of that before!:(

You should try the chef’s special when you have a chance to go there!

シーに着いてすぐ、ビュッフェ形式レストラン、Sailing Day Buffetにご飯を食べに行ってたんです。

Inside the Restaurant

You can enjoy variety of food such as Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, French, and American food as much as you can.

Salmon roe and Eggs on Inari Sushi

My dad, Yotchi, drinking beer and seemed very satisfied with the food~

My 1st plate. There were Takoyaki, Sea Food Gratin,Meat Sauce Spaghetti, so delicious! Do you know Takoyaki?

The bread and croissants were soft and crunchy. Loved it!

Custard Pudding

10th Anniversary Cake

Diced Tiramisu

French Crepes

I loved this cake…, but I don’t know the name….

Wow, just realized I took more dessert pictures 😛
They weren’t so sweet, so I loved them!!!


After all these delicious food, my stomach was full, I didn’t need to eat until the late at night.
Before the new night time show “Fantasmic!”(Tokyo Disney Sea Version)started, we were getting a little bit hungry, we decided to go to “Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery” and had a little sandwich. Actually the sandwich was tasty!


This Bakery looks a real bakery!!!! Can you see?
見て~!この菓子パンの種類~~ アンパンもあったよ~~~ 菓子パン、スィーツ好きにはお勧め!

The Mixed Berry Danish with the shape of Mickey mouse!
ミッキーの形のデニッシュ 日本らしいね♪ かわいすぎ!

Apple Custard Danish

Italian style Sandwich that we had!
イタリアンスタイルのサンドイッチ これを食べました~♪

This video was the one when we were about to eat the sandwich!
Speaking in Japanese though…if you’d like, please check it out 😉

To be continued…

Tokyo Disney Sea 1 / 日本里帰り 東京ディズニーシー編 1

Tokyo Disney Sea turned 10th birthday in September 4th!!!! It was good timing for me being in Japan at that time. I took my dad there, and celebrate its 10 th anniversary together! My dad has never been Disney Sea before. I mentioned him, “It’s Tokyo Disney Sea’s 10th anniversary, I think we should go and celebrate that!!!”
And my dad was like, “Oh, I’ve never been there! Take me there! take me there!!!!!”:0




My dad at the gate nearby entrance. 嬉しそうなよっち♪ シー入り口のゲートにて

Can you see that “Mysterious Island” in front? It was very hot day… 前方に見えますのが、『ミステリアスアイランド』でございます。とってもあつう日でございました…。

If you got your special magic wand from any Disney gift shop in the park, you can cast a spell with using your wand towards magical hat monument. You can feel like you are the wizard! 園内のいたるところで見かける、マジカルハットの巨大モニュメント!これには園内のギフトショップで売っている、マジカルワンドたるものが必要で、それをマジカルハットのモニュメントで使うとびっくりすることが!

Passenger liner in background… それにしても本当に天気が良くて。。。

Nice view isn’t this!? 写真スポットに到着したので、

So hot, but we’re smiling….暑いけど頑張ってポーズ…。

Though we don’t have picture of the attraction, our first ride was “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” in the Mysterious Island.

It was too hot to stay out…so we decided to go inside, attractions.

It’s Mermaid Lagoon!

The Jelly fish ride. We’re actually on the ride…wow, sweating!!!!

I was expecting that this attraction brings wind blowing…It was,but…

it turned round and round too much…made me dizzy. Try not to ride on this with your empty stomach.

After coming out of the Mermaid Lagoon, we tried the “Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster.” (Sorry, I didn’t take pic of this), after this ride, we couldn’t stand the heat, we got shaved Ice of Grape. It tasted very good! I love Disney theme park in Japan!


夏の思い出~トイ・ストーリーの遊園地/ Fun Zone

Toy Story Fun Zone was launched in Hollywood! ( But sorry guys, it’s already finito…:(

Woody and Buzz welcomed us at the entrance.

Ferris Wheel高速観覧車

Y香りんと一緒に♪ With my friend, Yuka

The view from the top of the Ferris wheel


Meet the characters of Toy Story 3!
映画 トイ・ストーリー3 のモデル達


Ken in his dream house

The show, called “Dancing with the toys”
Dancing with the Stars を真似た、Dancing with the Toys というショーも行われてたよ。

Sitting on the giant chair made me feel like I became a toy!?

It was really fun zone!!! Can you see me really enjoy?

夏のテーマパーク/ Disney’s California Adventure

A while ago, not that long ago…:) I went to Disney Califonia Adbventure again! This time I went with NOT only Luigi also with my Japanese fellows, Awelcom and her friend N chan from Japan.


This time, I was expecting to see the new night time water show, “World of Color” in California Adventure. This exciting show just opened in June 11 2010. I’ve been so waiting to see this show since the last time our visit.

6月にオープンしたばかりの、「Wolrd of Color」 (新しい夜の水のショー)が観たくて、土日に行くと混むだろうと、今回は敢えて平日に行って参りました。実は3月に来た時に、World of Color が出来るのを知って、早く見たくて仕方なかったのです。

(This picture was taken by me last March.

We left early in the morning, maybe that’s why? We encounterd Disney’s popular characters in the park a lot.
There are more possibility that you could meet your favorite Disney characters when you get there earlier.

Meet Mickey and Minnie! ミニーとミッキーにも会えた!

For lunch meal, I’d recommend you to go for La Brea Bakery cafe in Downtown Disney. Only lunch okay? No breakfast or dinner…umm, maybe dinner will be okay, but not too much expectation! 😉
This place is good especially if you want to eat something descent food.

慌てて、パーク外、ダウンタウンディズニーにある La Brea ベーカリー (ルイジのお気に入りレストラン☆)へ。

Tuna sandwich was a huge amount…
私の頼んだツナサンドイッチ (ドーン…)

Luigi’s Chicken Salad was great. ルイジが頼んだチキンのサラダ♪

I didn’t take other pictures of dishes, but the king salmon dish seemed good, my friend had it, and I got a bite as well, it was good though.

Now let’s go back to the “World of Color” subject.

People, I warn you something about the tips. Don’t buy World of Color picnic meal, especially Asian and Vegetarian 😦 We didn’t like them at all. If you get the picnic meal, you don’t have to worry about to be seated for the 1st show of the night, but remember! the food wasn’t good ne…

この日、ショーを観るのに並ぶことを避けたかったので、今回はオンラインで前もってピクニックミール(ご飯と飲み物、World of Color のパスと エコバッグが付いてきます。)を買ってました。このミールは、その場で買うこともできるそうです。でも多少値段が違うみたいです。

This is Asian Meal… これが恐怖のアジアン・・・

and this is Vegitarian….そしてこれがベジタリアン・・・。

Besides that picnic meal, I recommend that as soon as the gate is open, you just go to the World of Color FASTPASS distribution area,(which was Grizzly River Run when I was there last time), and get the FASTPASS for “World of Color”

これは、入り口入ってすぐに、World of Color FASTPASS はこちら、というサイン、またはこっちだよーと叫んでる係員がいるので、それを目印に歩いて、FASTPASS をゲットしに行く方法です。

Anyways, overall, “World of Color” is awesome!
You should go and see it if you can! Then you’ll know what I’m saying.
For those who has not seen the show yet, and also kinda interested to see the show, you can check out the video I put here! 
Warning! Spoiler Alert!!!

長くなりましたが、World of Color 良かったです!!!
(ワーニング! これを観たら…、てか、かなりネタばれ!楽しみに取っておきたい人は観ないで下さいww)