回転寿し花まる in 湯河原 / Kuru kuru sushi in Yugawara


Have you ever been to Conveyor belt sushi restaurants? In Japanese, it’s called Kaiten-zushi. Me-chan, took me and her niece to one of the famous Kaiten -zushi  in Yugawara. I remember that these kinds of sushi restaurants were used to be not serving good fishes, which means not fresh but honestly this place disprove the theory, there’s a lot of people were in line to get to be seated and the sushi and their food ain’t bad at all. 

Here is the restaurant looks like, and us being enjoyed there….



ここは、お皿の色で値段が違う回転寿しでして、赤皿が一番安い130円(シーチキンとかコーンとかカッパ巻き、ミニそば、ミニうどんなど)。その次が 黒皿の230円(甘エビ、ほたて、穴子など)。続いて、青皿330円(あじなど)、緑皿380円(うに、いくら)、銀皿430円(本マグロ中トロ、地魚金目鯛)、金皿530円(本マグロ大トロ、特撰ウニ、生ズワイガニ、特大生ほたて)などなど、値段設定されておりました。

In conveyor belt sushi restaurant, when you sit on the counter, you’ll have selections coming and going.  Even desserts are on the plate too. Basically, you pick your favorite sushi with plates from the moving conveyor belt, but if you cannot find any, you can order something you like too. The price is vary from colors of the plate. Red is cheapest, $1.60, Black is $2.90, Blue is $4.15, Green is $4.79, Silver plate is $5.42, and Gold, the most expensive one in this restaurant, is $6.69.

Sea Urchin うに軍艦巻き


Mackerel あじ 

This is my favorite, Mackerel! It was huge!!!!!Almost I choked up myself.

Natto Rolls    納豆軍艦巻き

Yup, yup, when you come to Japan, you can have Natto sushi!!!!!!


Japanese Famous People Autographs on the wall 


At the register, we found some Japanese famous people autographs on the wall.  It means also those celebrities love this place…Hmm, ok..That’s nice, they’ve earned a good reputation from these stuff too…I guess.

Thank you, Me-chan again!

日本:湯河原滞在 Yugawara-Izu, Japan

Hey there! Another month passed us by… How’s everyone doing?
Since I posted some pictures on Facebook, I feel satisfied and tend to forget about my blog updates…:-/

Let me post about a couple of more things from last time Japan visit. After the wedding in Shizuoka, I headed out to my Mom’s best friend’s 2nd house in Yugawara, Shizuoka. I stayed there for 2 nights.

Coincidentally, my mom’s bff’s niece, Yuki got 2 nights off from her work, on those days so she came by and Me-chan, my little sis Yuki and I had enjoyed our reunion in Yugawara.

Look! Can you see the ocean?? This view was taken from my mom’s bff”s house. Not good weather condition at that time, but so beautiful!

1日目は湾岸沿いを車を走らせ、いざ一同伊豆シャボテン公園へ。We’re driving to Cactus theme park in Izu-kogen!

My mom and her bff, Me chan, took me Izu Peninsula almost every summer until I turned 7th grade…Every scenery from the car was nostalgic to me very much so…
For example, Atami, Shizuoka, this is very popular hotspring place in Japan, and lots of people are coming during summer time at the beach as well.., but Me-chan told me most places, such as Hotels, Minshuku (similar to bed and breakfast) were forced to close down because there are no a lot of people coming any more like there used to be…:( It made me feel sad…

After we passed Atami, and almost we are getting in Ito, Me-chan pointed towards ahead of us, “Hatoya is still on business”
Yes, yes, yes,they have a very catchy theme song TV commercial  I can’t ever forget… So popular commercial when I was kid. I’ve never stayed this hotel, but I remembered I had lunch or dinner there once when I was a kid…I remember it was not splendid…

色々な景色を見ながら、遂に伊豆高原に入り、シャボテン公園に到着。小さい頃に行ったっきり、行ってなかったので、今回覚えてるかしら?と思い行ったものの、ほとんど記憶になくてびっくり。シャボテン公園だから、いろんなサボテンがあって、それらを見るのか?と思いきや、いろんな動物が園内放し飼いにされてるのとか、かなり感動的で、シャボテン公園というのは名ばかりで、ちょっとした動物園でした。(<ーてか、全く小さい頃に来たのを覚えてないw)しかも動物たちが近い! 戯れることができる感じがとても良かったです。
Cactus theme park is not like the one you’re imagined… The name of the park doesn’t mean that not lots of cactus inside the park, but animals… yes, it’s more like zoo, but nothing like wild animal parks…No Lions and Tigers and stuffs. They have birds, kangaroo, wallabys and little monkeys like meercats, squirrel monkeys, you can see them very closely without cages… oh but not chimpanzee…they have chimpanzees   in the park, but they can be seen over the glass cage or chimpanzee show… Other animals you might be able to see that pigs, horse, pony, donkey, and lambs, are all pretty calm…and some of the animals you can do petting or feeding as well. I love this place so much. Inside the park, it’s not too big like zoo, so you don’t need to rush and don’t feel exhausted after all.

クジャクとか何羽もいて、めちゃ近かった。 A beautiful Peacock.
このリスザルが桜の木に登って、蜜を吸いまくってる姿が面白かった。今にも落ちそうで落ちない。。。Squirrel Monkeys, sucking nectar.
オウムと写真撮影したり、Smile with Parrot.
フラミンゴに超接近してツーショット♡ This flaming is poser!!!!!

ロバとも接近してみたりw  Donkey has a huge cute eyes!!!
ハゲコウの真似してポーズ決めてみたり、Me and my sis, posing like a Marabou Stork

  Pretending like we’re in the chimpanzee’s cage…


Oh, let me tell you about Shoebill. Have you heard of birds called Shoebill? I haven’t until I got to see him at this park. It’s 50 inch’s tall. His name is Bill. I don’t know exact how old he is, but he’s been in this park for 31 years. He’s the oldest Shoebill in Japan. So cute. Reminds me of the animal from fantasy movie, like Harry Potter or something.  
 鯉を食べてる!? About to eat carp???
楽しかった〜! ということで記念写真をゲット! We had a very good time there!!!!