Hotspring in Shimoda Japan 1 /下田でのひととき1

Isn’t this beautiful!!!????? This ocean view was from the hotel room where we stayed in September 15th.

My mom’s best friend, Me-chan took me to this membership beach resort while I was staying in Japan last month. So many memories bring back to me. I don’t exactly remember how many years passed by… When I was kid, my mom and Me-chan, brought me here and had a wonderful time together almost every summer. Unforgettable place…, such a beautiful private beach, hot spring and pools…always in my heart…always feel that this place is great for getaway from reality. I was so glad that I could come back to this place again!!!

もちろん子供の頃、海外に行ったことがなかった私はホテルのプライベートビーチを見て、「ここは南国?」と、なんちゃって南国気分をよく満喫したものです (笑)

The indoor pool in this Hotel. One of my favorite hotel pool when I was kid.


A magnificent view in our background, from our hotel room balcony ホテルの部屋からの絶景をバックに!

She was my little buddy 🙂 She’s a niece of Me-chan. We grew up so fast… When she and I were here together back in days…, we were so kid! She was only 3 year old baby or something. I was like… what? 10 years old?? 😛  I’m so glad to see her again too.

She is like my second mom to me… Me-chan!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!(at the hotel private beach erea, Iritahama Beach.)

We became kids again, enjoyed water slide so many times.

Floating with beaterboard

The outdoor pool. The water was super warm…We enjoyed the pool as long as we could. You see the ocean beyond this pool? That’s another beach, called, Tadadohama beach.

After enjoying the pool, we went back to our room and got dressed and headed out to restaurant to eat dinner in the hotel…
That’s next!

このあと夕飯だったのだけど、また夕飯が豪華でね~♪ 思い出したらまた食べたくなってきた~ |-_-|


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