Tokyo Disney Sea 2 / 日本里帰り 東京ディズニーシー食事編

I gotta say this…In Tokyo Disney Sea, the food is excellent compare to American one. As you may know, it’s normal thing that the food in theme park is always expensive and does tastes sucks! but in Tokyo Disney Sea, it’s different. A bit of pricey, but very tasty and fresh stuff you can get,so… it’s worth it.
America! Shame on you!!!!

Take a look at some pictures I took from the Tokyo Disney Sea’s restaurant called, “Sailing Day Buffet.” This all you can eat restaurant is usually very busy. If you see a long line, you can get FASTPASS… Fortunately when my dad and I went there, just a couple of groups before us, that’s all…Didn’t need to get FastPass though. FASTPASS to eat!!!??? I’ve never heard of that before!:(

You should try the chef’s special when you have a chance to go there!

シーに着いてすぐ、ビュッフェ形式レストラン、Sailing Day Buffetにご飯を食べに行ってたんです。

Inside the Restaurant

You can enjoy variety of food such as Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, French, and American food as much as you can.

Salmon roe and Eggs on Inari Sushi

My dad, Yotchi, drinking beer and seemed very satisfied with the food~

My 1st plate. There were Takoyaki, Sea Food Gratin,Meat Sauce Spaghetti, so delicious! Do you know Takoyaki?

The bread and croissants were soft and crunchy. Loved it!

Custard Pudding

10th Anniversary Cake

Diced Tiramisu

French Crepes

I loved this cake…, but I don’t know the name….

Wow, just realized I took more dessert pictures 😛
They weren’t so sweet, so I loved them!!!


After all these delicious food, my stomach was full, I didn’t need to eat until the late at night.
Before the new night time show “Fantasmic!”(Tokyo Disney Sea Version)started, we were getting a little bit hungry, we decided to go to “Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery” and had a little sandwich. Actually the sandwich was tasty!


This Bakery looks a real bakery!!!! Can you see?
見て~!この菓子パンの種類~~ アンパンもあったよ~~~ 菓子パン、スィーツ好きにはお勧め!

The Mixed Berry Danish with the shape of Mickey mouse!
ミッキーの形のデニッシュ 日本らしいね♪ かわいすぎ!

Apple Custard Danish

Italian style Sandwich that we had!
イタリアンスタイルのサンドイッチ これを食べました~♪

This video was the one when we were about to eat the sandwich!
Speaking in Japanese though…if you’d like, please check it out 😉

To be continued…

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