Day 1 – 2011 Japan Trip(Arrival) / 日本里帰り到着日

Airplane meal (by ANA) 機内食

It was 1am in the morning when I left Los Angeles to my home country,Japan on Sept. 6th.
Yea, it’s after midnight, sure was yawning sleepy head troubled of me. As soon as I jumped in the airplane, I could get to sleep. That’s all I was thinking…

It turned out different,after I got in…There were distractions!
There were some movies to watch, and food to eat, music to listen, magazines to read, and more! So I just slept for a couple of hours after all…

Sept.7th 5am, Japan time, after almost 10 hours flight, I landed.
Arriving early in the morning is like, you have no waste of time!
I felt good. So energetic. You could do a lot of things for a day!
It took 1 hour and a half by train from the airport to my hometown, Hachioji.
Around 7am, I was already in my home town.
My dad was waiting for me at the station.
“I’m home now!!!”
That’s how I felt at the moment.



リムジンバスは断念して、電車で帰宅。 朝の出勤ラッシュアワー前だったので、座って帰って来れたのが運の幸いー♪



As soon as I got home, I finally get to see my buddy, Sandy, Labrador Retriever.
I remembered the last time I saw him was 2 and a half years ago, he didn’t seem well to me at that time…
So this time, I was so worried about him until I see him in my eyes. Obviously he’s not as young as he used to be…13 years old…. most of the time what he does is to sleep or to eat. But once I saw my dad walked him, my anxiety was gradually gone.

He might seem to be weaker than before but it’s natural way. He’s an old dog. I just hope he would live as long as he can, and make my dad and me happy as long as he can as well.


Hello!Sandy!!! サンディお出迎え~~~♪ 

I was so excited to look around my home town.
How things and old stores have been changed…
It’s coming, after napping….

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