Disney Classic "Car" Films / ディズニー”Cars” の祖先

You know I love about Disney stuff, right?
Today, I was talking to my co-woker about new movie “Cars 2”,coming in this June 24th in the U.S.(SORRY! my friend, I lied to ya:P, it’s not this month yet!)

“Cars” movie, as you may know, it’s cute cars’ heartwarming story 🙂

Since the 1st “Cars” movie was released, I started remembering of Disney’s classic short films, which I saw them when I was a little girl.

It’s called “Susie the Little Blue Coupe

and “The Story Of Anyburg, USA“.
I think he might be the ancestor of Lightning McQueen from Cars.

These two short films were totally different, unique, nicely done, and really good classic Disney short films as I remembered.

If anybody has not seen either one of these films, please let me know what you think after you watch these films;)

I’m so appreciated that my parents had me watched these Disney classic films when I was a little girl. I learned a lot of things from these films. Most of things I learned was how scared the human being was…but I loved to watch them over and over no matter some scenes scared that hell out of me.

I’m so happy to have this opportunity to watch them over again and share with you guys.

Who ever posted these on youtube, don’t erase them, pleeeease!!!! You’re awesome!!!

If you like “Cars” movie, you’d definitely love these too:)

ディズニー好きの私は、今日、会社で同僚と新しいディズニーとピクサーの映画”Cars 2″ についてちょこっと話をしていました。
どうも、”Cars” を見ると、小さい頃に見たディズニー短編アニメーションにあった、『青い自動車』『交通戦争裁判』に出てくる車を思い出すので、彼女にどんなものか、教えてあげたくて、興味本位でyoutubeで検索したら、でてきました!


それも、youtubeにありました。 それが『交通戦争裁判』です。


『Cars 2』 アメリカでは6月24日公開だそうです。

Susie the little blue coupe

and the second one is “The Story Of Anyburg, USA“.

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