No more! / いやだよぅ・・・

The disaster of Japan is so brutal and sad…
Couldn’t even stop watching the news every single day since the day of disaster happened.

It’s like a movie…,but if it’s a movie, there’s always a superhero out there and helps people out and brings them a peaceful life back.
Somehow I started thinking about one of the superhero movies, “Superman”.
This situation is not a movie, but really happening.
I know that we don’t have a savior like a Superman…
but I wish if we had a Superman in our real life…

This morning, at cafe, I got so emotional and started to cry in pain…
My friends and family in Japan, are all suffered…

I feel so helpless…

One of my best friends from high school brought the news, “‘Beverly Hills 90210’ is on TV in Tokyo.”
‘90210’…was (the original one) that we used to watch all the time and talked and laughed about back in days. My gf says, we’ve never ever had any thought that this kind of disaster would be happening to us at all.
What she’s saying was really touched my heart and brought me back with all those memories, and then suddenly I started crying…
I can feel her in pain…

I just hope that no more Nuclear Plant disaster…no more radiation contaminant…
please… no more…:'(

あー 今日は朝からとても感情的になって、泣いてしまった・・・。












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