dineLA Menu: Nonna

The second restaurant during the dineLA week I went to was Italian restaurant called, Nonna of Italy. They’re located in West Hollywood, have been in business for 3 years only, and are quite new Italian Restaurant in Hollywood.
Honestly, I didn’t know about this restaurant until I saw the list of the member of the dineLA.
I’ve never heard any critics of this restaurant from my people either, so I was so curious about this $$$ mark Italian Restaurant. Are they good or not?

After I had appetizer and entree, they blew me away.

しっかり、$$$ マークだったので、おいしいかどうか期待を込め、いざ出向きましたら、

Beef Carpacio カルパッチョ
Lui ordered this carpacio. He just got impressed…

Margherita Pizza マルゲリータ・ピザ
This is my appetizer, traditional Italian pizza style. Thin and crispy.
Lui was impressed again 🙂

Osso Buco Style Short Rib 仔牛すね肉の煮込み
Lui’s entree. I got a bite, it’s good, but not for me. Meat is too heavy for me.

Mediterranean Sea Bass シーバス白身魚
This is my entree, yes! Fishy fishy! I looove fish 🙂

After having fabulous appetizer and entree, maybe you might not have any space in your tummy, but it’s time for the dessert. You cannot resist this moment 😉
I ordered dark earl-gray tea with some honey. Mmm, nice combination with sweet desserts, huh? Tea adjusts sweetness and greasiness food in your stomach.


Apple Cheesecake 林檎のチーズケーキ 
Curious? You better have it…
林檎のチーズケーキってどんなだろう?と思ってオーダー。 まーまーですw

Tiramisu ティラミス
This Titamisu was gigantic…Couldn’t even finish it…

I loved more appetizers and entrees of this restaurant than its desserts.
However, I think it was a good Italian restaurant discovery for us…It’s close to our home, easy to get there. Next time, I wanna try some pasta 🙂


 〖The dinela Menu list of Nonna〗
以下フルの dinela メニューリスト

Choice of Appetizers

Soup Tasting
Pappa al Pomodoro, Ribollita & Soup of the Day

Beef Carpacio

Raw beef fillet thinly sliced w/ shaved parmesan, baby arugula, extra virgin olive oil

Margherita Pizza

Tomato, mozzarella, basil

Choice of Entrees

Mediterranean Sea Bass
Grilled fillet of Mediterranean sea bass, tiny potatoes & broccolini, white wine & Meyer lemon sauce

Osso Buco Style Short Rib
All day braised short rib, gold whipped potatoes, roasted beats

Sauteed Clams
Spaghetti, sauteed manila clams, garlic, chopped cherry tomato, parsley, white wine

Choice of Desserts

Apple Cheesecake


2004 Dolce

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