Samurai Blue Japan is the champions!!!

Japan conquered the Asia!!
The Final game of AFC Asian Cup Soccer 2011, in Doha,
Japan beat Australia 1-0 , and became a No.1 of Asia!!!

Check that video I posted on,
I like the part that Nagatomo gave a nice ball to Lee on 3:18, and suddenly Lee made a goal nicely!
That was impressed!!
I was so tense throughout the whole game, but
now I’m so happy for them and I’m happy too 😀

thank Zach!!!! I admire a coach from Italy, Alberto Zaccheroni,
He made a record as Japanese soccer coach already…since he became a coach of the JAPAN national football team, he led Japan to victory but not loss yet…

Japanese soccer is still in progress, but I believe that I think they’re gonna show us much more improvements at the next World Cup. I can’t wait for that!
but before the world cup, we have more game to see!!!
So exciting 😉

いやー、アジアカップ2011 優勝しちゃいましたねー 日本!
何度見ても、3:18 の長友から李へのパス最高ですよね〜!



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