went to SANCTUM screening today.
The security was tight…No cameras, cell phones were allowed…
What made me upset was I had to leave my cell phone in my car…
but i hid my phone in my purse, and then when its time had come. At the security check they checked my body and purse and then found my cell phone. I forgot to hide in the side pocket of my purse…, suddenly the secutrity guy found my cell and told me to go to the parking and leave my cell in my car! This is ridiculously insane…I’m already at the entrance door. I looked up the other security guy, making my face like if there is another way? but security guy said, “Do it now!” …gah! Yep, I ran…to my car…Go up and down escalators…, That’s a pretty good exercise…:(

Anyways, skip the bullxxxt part, talk about the movie.
SANCTUM is 3-D action-thriller movie from AVATAR director, James Camelon.

My opinion was so-so.
Expectation was too high, but nothing impressed me…unfortunately.

The movie starts on Feb.4
Let me know what you thought about this movie, want to hear your opinion 😉



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