December 2010 Part.2


These pictures are from Christmas day 2010.
On a Christmas day, Lui and I went to Seafood Buffet brunch,which is one of our favorite places in LA.


Spending a happy day with handsome man ♡

Bunch of shrimp 海老たち

Oyster カキたち

A Big Christmas tree…Compare to me… クリスマスツリーの前で

In the evening, we went out for a movie.

This is a VIP room of Chinese theater, but nobody was there!?? 😦

Oh, no no no no! A cute funny guy someone I know was there!!! 🙂
と思ったら、1人いましたwww てか、超笑顔だなぁ~~w

Have you seen Bestbuy express?? I never seen one before…

Wow, Nintendo DS!? Seriously? Is this safe way to sell these items? I wonder…:0
すごいよ、Nintendo DS とか売ってるよww 自販機で。。。

Everyone, pretty much I feel bad about my late blog posting…
I’ll try more constantly posting this year:$


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