Above is the late 80’s picture of New Kids On The Block, below is the recent.

New Kids On The Block 1988

NKOTB 2008 with NE-YO

Recently, I’m so interested about the news about band reunion. Like the late 80’s and early 90’s popular boys band NKOTB, they reunited and did the concert tours with their guests like Lady GaGa. And they are going back on tour again with Back Street Boys early next year!
Man! NKOTB was my first concert I’ve ever been in my life!!!!
and Backsteet Boys also brought me lots of memory.

So I decided to go to their concert, and I’ve already got tickets…!
How exciting!

Back in 80’s and 90’s I was so young and loved most of all kinds of music.
Hard Rock and Pop rock , of course boys bands,and also girls band too! Like Wilson Phillips.

Especially, HOLD ON was my all time favorite!
They have been through all kinds of things for years, but finally, it seems like they released a new christmas album!

and they look more gorgeous than ever before!!

Present-day: Wendy Wilson (left), Carnie Wilson (center), and Chynna Phillips (right). Photo courtesy of Sony Music

Chynna Phillips was my favorite! She looks still amazing!!

Next of my huge expectation is GN’R original member reunion!!
When would it be??
Who knows…but expecting you baby!!!!
I wanna see you guys on the stage again!!


New Kids On The Block も再結成。昨年、Lady GaGa とツアーやってましたね。
そのNew Kids 今度はまた活動再始動した、Back Street Boys と来年からツアーやっちゃうんですが、ボーイズバンドのリユニオン!これは見ないと!と思い、チケットゲットしましたw


ウィルソン・フィリップス 私、超好きだったんだですが、

来年あたり、GN’R オリジナルメンバー再結成!とか


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