夏のテーマパーク/ Disney’s California Adventure

A while ago, not that long ago…:) I went to Disney Califonia Adbventure again! This time I went with NOT only Luigi also with my Japanese fellows, Awelcom and her friend N chan from Japan.


This time, I was expecting to see the new night time water show, “World of Color” in California Adventure. This exciting show just opened in June 11 2010. I’ve been so waiting to see this show since the last time our visit.

6月にオープンしたばかりの、「Wolrd of Color」 (新しい夜の水のショー)が観たくて、土日に行くと混むだろうと、今回は敢えて平日に行って参りました。実は3月に来た時に、World of Color が出来るのを知って、早く見たくて仕方なかったのです。

(This picture was taken by me last March.

We left early in the morning, maybe that’s why? We encounterd Disney’s popular characters in the park a lot.
There are more possibility that you could meet your favorite Disney characters when you get there earlier.

Meet Mickey and Minnie! ミニーとミッキーにも会えた!

For lunch meal, I’d recommend you to go for La Brea Bakery cafe in Downtown Disney. Only lunch okay? No breakfast or dinner…umm, maybe dinner will be okay, but not too much expectation! 😉
This place is good especially if you want to eat something descent food.

慌てて、パーク外、ダウンタウンディズニーにある La Brea ベーカリー (ルイジのお気に入りレストラン☆)へ。

Tuna sandwich was a huge amount…
私の頼んだツナサンドイッチ (ドーン…)

Luigi’s Chicken Salad was great. ルイジが頼んだチキンのサラダ♪

I didn’t take other pictures of dishes, but the king salmon dish seemed good, my friend had it, and I got a bite as well, it was good though.

Now let’s go back to the “World of Color” subject.

People, I warn you something about the tips. Don’t buy World of Color picnic meal, especially Asian and Vegetarian 😦 We didn’t like them at all. If you get the picnic meal, you don’t have to worry about to be seated for the 1st show of the night, but remember! the food wasn’t good ne…

この日、ショーを観るのに並ぶことを避けたかったので、今回はオンラインで前もってピクニックミール(ご飯と飲み物、World of Color のパスと エコバッグが付いてきます。)を買ってました。このミールは、その場で買うこともできるそうです。でも多少値段が違うみたいです。

This is Asian Meal… これが恐怖のアジアン・・・

and this is Vegitarian….そしてこれがベジタリアン・・・。

Besides that picnic meal, I recommend that as soon as the gate is open, you just go to the World of Color FASTPASS distribution area,(which was Grizzly River Run when I was there last time), and get the FASTPASS for “World of Color”

これは、入り口入ってすぐに、World of Color FASTPASS はこちら、というサイン、またはこっちだよーと叫んでる係員がいるので、それを目印に歩いて、FASTPASS をゲットしに行く方法です。

Anyways, overall, “World of Color” is awesome!
You should go and see it if you can! Then you’ll know what I’m saying.
For those who has not seen the show yet, and also kinda interested to see the show, you can check out the video I put here! 
Warning! Spoiler Alert!!!

長くなりましたが、World of Color 良かったです!!!
(ワーニング! これを観たら…、てか、かなりネタばれ!楽しみに取っておきたい人は観ないで下さいww)

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