American Idol


American Idol Season 9 is over!
To me, last night show was a very fun and interesting season finale of the American Idol ever.
Many surprise guests came up on the stage.
Well, I guess it’s because of Simon’s farewell things.

Paula Abdul,Former American Idol Champions and contestants, Christina Aguilera, Alice Cooper, Chicago, Bret Michales, and Janet Jackson, Wow!!
Even pants on the ground guy perfomed on the stage…with William Hung!!!
Unbelievable moment happened…heehe, that was awesome.
It’s a biggest American Idol finale event I’ve ever seen.

Okay, Bret Michaels!!! What I saw him on the stage with Casey James, o.m.g.!
I got so emotional!
He could have died couple of weeks ago! I didn’t believe he’s going to come back as a rock star again, but last night, he did it!!!
I’m so glad to see him performing again!

This is his performance from the last night’s final event.
Bret, you rock!!!!

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