American Idol


American Idol Season 9 is over!
To me, last night show was a very fun and interesting season finale of the American Idol ever.
Many surprise guests came up on the stage.
Well, I guess it’s because of Simon’s farewell things.

Paula Abdul,Former American Idol Champions and contestants, Christina Aguilera, Alice Cooper, Chicago, Bret Michales, and Janet Jackson, Wow!!
Even pants on the ground guy perfomed on the stage…with William Hung!!!
Unbelievable moment happened…heehe, that was awesome.
It’s a biggest American Idol finale event I’ve ever seen.

Okay, Bret Michaels!!! What I saw him on the stage with Casey James, o.m.g.!
I got so emotional!
He could have died couple of weeks ago! I didn’t believe he’s going to come back as a rock star again, but last night, he did it!!!
I’m so glad to see him performing again!

This is his performance from the last night’s final event.
Bret, you rock!!!!

Internazionale Milano!

Internazionale Milano won!
They won the title of the European champions league today! beated 2-0 with Bayern Munich, the champion of Germany.
Before the game started, we headed to Euro Caffe this morning, grabbed some cup of joe, and left for Madeo Ristorante afterwards. Today was lots of Inter fans gathering day!!

今日は朝から、ビバリーヒルズにあるカフェへ行き、コーヒー、ペーストリーをゲットしたあと、マデオに行ってUEFA チャンピオンズリーグの鑑賞会でした。


My favorite shot at Euro Cafe this morning, they were soooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!

Bite sized, Mini Pizza. I love this.

I had a glass of champagne from 11am and feeling good at that time♪

Took pictures of kids making pizza!

It was really fun gathering and good to see good people there…
and Inter won the European title!
Don’t have any other words to say…:)


May 21st/ 5月21日






Last year of May, I was in Japan.
Today, May 21st Japan Standard Time is my mother’s 8th meinichi

To me, my mother was Special person, she was my mom but also my best-friend all time! Also a good advisor as a mentor of my life.

Recently, she showed up in my dream when I was sleeping, and I remebered the time when we spent time together, and it makes me feel missing her so much…:’)

I’m not able to put some flowers on my mom’s grave for her, but instead I’m praying for her who’s always been in my heart gloriously…

Thank you for who ever read this and sharing some moment with me…

This picture was taken in 2001. One of my favorite shot.

in fron of the old apt. building in SM.

At NorthShore in Hawaii

WDW Magic Kingdom, from Mark Twain Riverboat

Wow, this was like 10yrs ago!!! Oh no!!!!

Pure Imagination

Last night, the original “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate factory” was on TV.
I got really excited, like a kid. I finally found the ATT commercial song part in the movie.

Still, everytime I watch this commercial, it makes me feel so pure…
What a heartwarming beautiful song 🙂


Some Pieces I haven’t Made an Entry Yet…

My plans for today would have turned out to be nice, doing my favorite things and being relax at home, woo hoo~!

Wait a minute!!!

I haven’t updated my blog for…what? how long??
Wow, over a month!!

I didn’t even intend to do it… but I think it’s time for me doing bloggin’? Again, maybe??

OK, small tiny things are forgettable which is fine to me, but I don’t want to forget about the big huge things when it happened to me. Later, when I come back here, i want to see pictures and stuff, read through all of it again and recall what happened at the time right away. I think every bloggers think the same way as I do. I don’t want hmm, what did I do at all this time? These things came up to my head and at least I better put something on here…when I can 🙂

So please allow me to put a couple of old information for a while.


ブログの更新がおろそかになってたし(あっという間に、1ヶ月以上も経ってしまったw あわわ)

古ネタからまずアップしていこうかなっと、思います 笑


Staples center is a world-class arena for sports and entertainment events. I think I explained this before, right?

End of the last March and beginning of the April, I had 2 concerts there to go to.

One is world famous American hiphop group, “Black Eyed Peas” and another one is a big band vocalist, “Michael Buble”!

I like them both, and I had fun.

Especially Black Eyed Peas, they know how to entertain people!

I had so much fun at the time!
During the perfomance, as a special guest Ludacris and another surprise guest, Slash (former Guns n’ Roses Guitarist) came up on the stage and performed together, that was awesome! So exciting! Their concert transformed the arena into a massive club event party. They were filming this concert at that time, I just found out that from tonight you can watch this concert video thr EpixHD . If anybody is intersted, you should go to the website and check out the concert video! Now it’s free until 6/1.

LA のど真ん中に、staples center というインドアスポーツをはじめ、コンサートなどで2万人ぐらいの客を収容するスポーツアリーナがあるのですが、そこに立て続けにコンサートに行ったので、そのときの写真、ビデオなどみておくんなましw

まずはBlack Eyed Peas! 彼らはほんと、オーディエンスにエナジーを与えてくれます。
でっかいクラブイベントに来たみたいに、一緒に歌って踊れる楽しいコンサートでした。なんと私の行ったコンサートは3DのコンサートビデオとしてDVD販売されると言ってたのですが、なんとEpixHD にて今晩より配信されています!観てみたい方は今ならフリーなので是非チェックしてみてください。


Black Eyed Peas

OK, I’ll stop right here.
thanks for people who read this entry from the top till here..
It was kinda long, wasn’t it?