Chirashi Special / 豪華絢爛ちらし寿司!









A while ago, I had a really good chirashi zushi for lunch in Little Tokyo.
What I ordered was ‘Toshi Chirashi Special’, awesome taste!
Chirashi zushi is so-called scattered sushi on bowl of vinegared rice.

Little Tokyo in downtown LA was really dead what I’ve known, but recently they’ve been trying to get back lively town again…
I didn’t even know this restaurant has been in business for almost 1 year and a half :0 Well, I’m Japanese, but I don’t usually stop by Little Tokyo unless I really need to or have a reason to go to.

I became a fan of this restaurant and owner chef Toshi.
The food service was awesome, especially what I love was his personality though.

We sat on the counter in front of his work space, and he kept talking to us and brighten up our table whole time.

The one thing made me surprised was he guessed my hometown right away! Like a mind reader or something! He got me because his wife came from the same place where I came from. tadah– xD! That’s why…Next time my dad visited me, I’d definitely bring him over there with me. It must be fun!

The menu I had at the time as follows / 以下、食べたもの

Vinegared vegetable 前菜に出た酢の物

Seaweed Salad サラダ

This is the Toshi Chirashi Special!

Mochi Icecream with some fruit 食後の餅アイスデザート 


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