Disney B-day Vacation / Hotel

In this little vacation, we’ve walked a lot back and forth between the 2 parks. We’re not even teenagers any more, but we walked like crazy without a rest most of the time… Of course, our feet were exhuasted all the time. So definitely it was a good thing that we stayed at Disneyland Hotel.


Our room was on 9th floor of Marina Tower. Nice view from up there. Especially, in night time, fireworks from our room looked soooo awesome!


The shape of Mickey Mouse. ミッキーの形の花火

I took the fireworks video from our room. It was sooo beautiful.
撮ったビデオがこちら! ちょっとだけ部屋も映したけど、多分あまりわからないかも。。。

Shaking hands with Mickey and Minnie, promised to come back again.


Before we took off, we took picture with a big Mickey Mouse statue!

Well, that’s all! There was a little arguing between b-day boy and me, however, overall, we both had a great unforgettable time there.

Can’t wait to go back there again!

Thank you for patiently reading my ‘Disney B-day Vacation’!

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