Disney B-day Vacation "Hook’s Pointe"

OK, about food! During we’re staying at Disneyland Resort, we’ve eaten twice at La Brea Bakery, once at Naples, once at Goofys Kitchen, and once at Hook’s Pointe & Wine Cellar. La Brea Bakery and Naples are located at Downtown Disney, Goofy’s kitchen and Hook’s pointe are located at Disneyland Hotel.

Though Luigi’s favorite seemed like La Brea Bakery restaurant, my favorite was Hook’s Pointe. Before we got inside Hook’s Pointe, we checked out the menu, suddenly figured that they serve seafood. Woo hoo! I’m a seafood lover. Luigi love seafood as well. Without hesitation, we decided to eat dinner there. We didn’t even need to wait to be seated though. Menu was a little pricey, but afterall we had a great food and a great time!



Appetizer Calamari. We skipped our lunch on that day, so we’re sooo hungry. We finished them all right away.

Sauteed Scallops that I ordered.

Sauteed Salmon that b-day boy ordered.

Birthday Icecream バースデーアイスクリーム

additionally, we ordered another dessert.

OK…, here it went again! Another birthday song video! 😛
I missed the shot that the moment of B-day boy blew the candle…gah!


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