Disney B-day Vacation- Cruise and Toy Story Mania!

Big thrills are so much fun, but we, people need sometimes slow movement and peaceful stuffs as well.


Such as, one of the classic rides, ‘Jungle Cruise’

Actually, it’s the first time ‘Jungle cruise’ experience for my b-day boy. He seemed having a really good time on the boat 🙂 I liked that! For me, it was fun as well. It’s been a long time since last time I went on the boat…


and ‘It’s a small World’


I wanted to come here because they added new stuffs.

They added new dolls such as Alice in England, and Ariel in Hawaii, Pinocchio in Italy, Simba and his friends in Africa area, and Toy Story character in mid-west US section. I think there are more Disney character in each country…well next time I will find out again…


At last, I’d like to introduce ‘Toy Story Mania!’ in California Adventure.
I’ve heard that it came out summer of 2008, it’s kinda new attraction still. Really popular and making huge lines all the time…No fastpass, so you better be patiently being in line…it is worth it though.

さてさて、つづいては3Dめがねをかけて、4Dの世界でシューティングゲームをして、スコアを競う、新感覚のゲームアトラクション、『トイ・ストーリーマニア!』のご紹介。これはfastpass がないので、並ばないといけないけど、でも並ぶだけある、おもしろさ。

Before we’re going in. 

Wearing on 3D glasses and getting ready!

It’s kind of shooting game, but in the 4D world. Doesn’t it sound cool??

I hope that those experiences also became one of his part of good memories…:)

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