Disney Vacation-Birthday Boy w/ Awesome Rides

By the way, my birthday boy is craaaaazy about the roller coaster kind of rides. Well, so am I! I love the scary crazy up and down thrilling rides! You’ll see how many times we got on the same crazy rides a lot at Disney Parks 😛

Sitting on the kid’s chair… just fits him…キッズとたわむれるルイジくん。座っている椅子は子供用のちいちゃな椅子です・・w スッポリはまってます。。。

Having a B-day Lunch at La brea Bakery.
さてさて、ダウンタウンディズニーにあるLa Brea Bakery にてバースデーランチをしたあと、向かうはカリフォルニアアドベンチャーへ。

After having a peaceful lunch, we headed to the screamin’ rides in California Adventure!

Hollywood Tower of Terror へまっさきに向かいます。


We went on Hollywood Tower of Terror, 3 times!

1st time, まず1回目

2nd time, 2回目

and the Last…そしてラスト


We went on California Screamin’ which is roller coaster ride, 3x again!


and…, we went on ‘Maliboomer’ which was like a freefall big thrills types of attraction. 180 feet straight up in four seconds. Woo-hoo!!! I could feel my butt was flowing!!

and next day, in Disneyland Park, we went on ‘Splash Mountain’ ,

and also Big Thunder Mountain,… we almost conquerd the Mountain rides…

Well, I can imagine what would happen if we went to the Six flags…



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