Disney B-day Vacation- Tomorrowland

After we got off the monorail, we got fastpass for Space mountain which we never had a chance to use eventually, but you know it’s good to have those popular ride’s fastpass. Matterhorn Bobsleds was our first ride at Disneyland on that day. It was a crazy long line, but fast moving, so we didn’t even have to wait for so long. Honestly, you can’t rely on the watinig minute sign. 😉


Last month, “Captain EO” has returned to Disneyland. So we got in line for that.


Just reminds me of my first time experience of ‘Captain EO’ at Tokyo Disneyand when I was kid. At that time, I didn’t even care about the story, just what I concentrated on were Aliens and Michael…This time, I focused the story more. Regarding the story, I felt like I saw it first time, but 3D part. In my opinion, 3D quality is really old. Old school 3D! I could even hardly stare at the screen whole time. Back in days, about 25 yrs ago, 3D screen was so innovative, then really cool, but nowadays the 3D quality is even better than before. So if you’d like to see Captain EO, don’t expect too much about the 3D things. Just have fun with Michael’s dance, and physical effects 4D things a little bit.

Before the show starts, our host explained that when the first time Captain EO came out in Disneyland, and questioned the audience who the first time seeing this show or who the returning guests were. I raised my hand for the returning guest, but there were few people raised for returning as I expected. Most people were the first time seeing it. The gals who sat right behind me were the same as the first time comer, and talking loudly said, “Wow, I was 2 years old when this came out!”. I was talking to myself, “Yeah, I was kid too at that time, but I was mature enough to see Captain EO! Not that baby! You know what I mean?”
But honestly, I felt the generation gap…wow…:0

東京ディズニーランドで『キャプテンEO』が始まった頃、母と何回も『キャプテンEO』を見に行ったことを思い出した。子供だった私にはマイケルのストーリーはちょっとつまらなく感じたのだけど、飛び出てくるエイリアンとかが好きだった。そんな印象しかなかった。今回改めて見てみて思ったのは、ぶっちゃけ3Dがかなり古いw 寄り目になりそうな感じで、まじまじと画面を見続けるのが正直ちょっと辛い。最近、3Dの映画とかたくさん出てきてそっちの綺麗さに見慣れてしまったのか、キャプテンEOは内容は良いのだけど、3Dの質がかなり落ちる。当時これが出てきた約25年前頃って3Dってかなり画期的ですごい~ってものに感じたのになぁ。でも、昔はなかった4D体験がちょっと加わってたのでそれでちょっとニューな感じになってましたよ。

でも、マイケルのダンスはやっぱりすごい。コンサートみたいに、マイケルが画面に出てきた瞬間、叫ぶファンが多いこと!シアターのホストが、「キャプテンEO 初めて見る人、手をあげて!」というと、ルイジを含めてすごい人が手を挙げた。「昔見て、また見に来てくれた人、手をあげて!」って言われて、私は即座に手を挙げて周りを見渡すと、ちらほら居た程度だったのに正直驚いた。。。続けざまに、ホストがキャプテンEOのリリースされた年を発表したら、後ろのギャルズが、「わおー、私まだ2歳だー」って言ってるのが聞こえて、彼女達の年と私の年を比べてしまったwww

We headed for ‘Star Tours’ afterwards bacause my birthday boy has never ridden on it before. I really think that this attraction needs to be renewal…The story line of the robot was really old…Sorry…however, my birthday boy looked so much fun with it. That’s the good thing.


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