Disney B-day Vacation 1

Last Sunday was my big boy’s birthday!
We went on a little vacation for 3 days to celebrate his b-day at Disneyland Resorts. Last time we went to Disneyland was on my b-day, we both got really bad cold and fever…our body conditions at that time were awful…:( but this time we were feeling great!!! No sick at all. Our revenge has just begun 🙂

We arrived at hotel around 10 o’clock, then after checking in, we headed to Disneyland!


そう…、忘れもしない、12月の私の誕生日。二人して高熱を出し、薬を飲みながら死にそうな状態だったのにディズニーランドへ行きました。。。途中休んでばっかで、ほとんど乗り物にも乗れなかったっけ…w ルイジくんにとって初めてのディズニーランドだったのに、体調崩して大変だったのです。今回はそのリベンジも兼ね、ゆっくり楽しめるようにとお泊りコース!


This Magic hat is the boundary between Downtown Disney and Disneyland Hotel.

Monorail brings us to Tomorrowland, Disneyland park.

Looked so happy for the first time ride!

We passed the Matterhorn,

Finally we are at Tomorrowland!! トゥモローランド到着~!

The b-day boy’s long day has just begun…

To be continued…

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