dineLA week at Drago Centro

2010年始まって早々、dineLA Restaurant week スタートです。

Hello there! It’s been a while to update my blog by the way, hows it going everyone?
It’s time for dineLA week again. It’s between Jan 24-29, and Jan 31- Feb 5, this time. 

先週、ダウンタウンにあるDRAGO Centro(Italian) でdineLAメニューでのディナーに行ってきました。
My friend Yuka and I went to see musical at the night, before the show started, we went dinner at DRAGO CENTRO. Of course, we picked the dineLA menu.

This is the chef’s special. Not on the menu. It’s pine nuts? with the mozzarella cheese.

Baby Octopus Salad as an Appetizer.

My girl friend, Yuka picked Wild Mushroom, Stinging Nettle Risotto as an appetizer. 

アントレーは仔牛肉を煮込んだもの。I had Braised Veal Ossobuco as an entree.

She ordered steak as her entree! Sooo tender and juicy!

As the dessert, I had ‘Chocolate Custard’, Yuka had Five Assorted Cheeses.

I love this dessert!! ‘Chocolate Custard’

‘Five Assorted Cheeses’

I couldn’t eat this one, my stomach was already full…It came with our bill. It looked like a some kind of jelly.

Including wines, almost around $75 per person…yeah it’s expensive but it’s worth it!

やはり高いだけあって、料理もそれなりに美味しいかった。でも、帰ってルイにステーキ食べたとか言ったら、「ステーキ??」って不思議な顔をされたww 仔牛は良く食べるみたいだけど・・・。

ステーキはイタリアンじゃないってか?? 笑

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