Favorite Show in my life! /さようならRiverdance!

Let me talk about the show that I went to last Sunday.
I saw Riverdance” Final perfomrance at Pantages Theatre in Hollywood.
Before I start telling you about how the great show it was, I’ll give you a little info that how I got into “Riverdance.”

Since 1994, “Riverdance” got famous all around the world. “Riverdance” is Irish step dancing performance by the way.
I remembered the first time I saw Riverdance commercial from TV, I was still living in Tokyo, what I thought about the show was, “Wow!!! I gotta see it!! I want to know how to step dance!” and since then I got fascinated by the music and the tapping sound of step dance.

6 years later, the end of the year of 2000, when my mom, dad and I spent holidays together in NYC. Then we saw “Riverdance” in Broadway finally! I still remembered that time, it was snowing freaking cold day in NYC…,

We enjoyed it a lot. It’s incredible, yet a little different from what I expected…
The show was great. The thing was the sound of tapping. I could barely hear them tapping well in the Gershwin Theatre. But other than that, it was amazing.

Anyway, sorry for taking so long introductry part…haha

I compared this final performance version to old version. To be honest, I think this farewell perfomance was better than the one I saw in Broadway. This time, I could hear the sound of tapping amazingly loud! Thanks for that! However, the theartre size, Pantages is smaller than the Broadway one. I thought there were limitation of dynamic movement. That is the suck part.

Again, the show was incredible. haha! I can’t find any better words to explain it! At the time, I just recovered from cold, but it didn’t matter to me. I did applause and screaming and wooing a lot and hurt my throat again 😛

You would enjoy seeing not only Irish step dancing, but also Spanish Tango, Russian Dervish and general american tap dancing as well.

Wow, wow, wow!(Can you see how excited I was??)

先日、 「リバーダンス」ファイナル公演を観に行ってきました!

リバーダンスといえば、アイルランドの民族ステップダンス!⇐はやりましたよねw 両手を腰にあて、足だけ動かしてるタップダンスww








第1幕の終わりと、第2幕のフィナーレは興奮と感動で拍手と叫び声が止まりませんでした。最後は私一人、スタンディングオベーションまでしてしまったほどwww (私の列でスタンディングオベーションしてる人、ほかにいなかったような・・・)

どんだけ叫んでいたのかっていうと、ずっと興奮やまずに叫んでた私を見てルイが「そんな叫んじゃダメだよっ まだ風邪治ってないんだから!」って、怒られたくらい・・・笑




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