Birthday Party

Ok, this is the last update of my birthday event. On 20th, I had my Birthday Party at XIV in Hollywood.

They just opened the year 2008, since then it’s been a hot place in LA, always s crowded with ppl. Some celebrities showin’ up there too.

They just added special event for Sunday brunch. It’s really more entertaining and fun. We enjoyed free entertainment from interactive circus freaks, hahaha and fire show…こういう人たちがテーブルを回ってきて面白かったですwww

 Fire show! ファイヤーショウも見れます。

I’m so appreciated to ppl who came to my party on that day.
Such a wonderful time I’ve had with you guys.

There was happening that I lost my purse at the restaurant that day, I was really freaked out about it, and started thinking, I won’t come back this place any more!!!
…however, the restaurant found my purse eventually, omg! Can you believe that?? XIV thums up! 🙂


I really enjoyed that day! Thank you!


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