Disney Birthday 1

OK, now I’d like to update about other events that I had in December.

December 18, just a week before Christmas,was my birthday!

This year only, Disneyland offers you a free admission on your birthday, so Lui and I had been planning to go there on my birthday for long time.

Our first Disneyland! How exciting!!
Woo hoo!


On that day, we both had sick. Really bad one…
Waking up in the morning around 7am, we felt so terrible! So had some medication, and went back to bed…until afternoon…When we woke up around 12:30pm, somehow, we both felt much better!No fever or no sorethroat or runny nose. This is it! This is the chance! We got up from the bed right away and got ready…to Disneyland!!

About 3:30pm. We’re waiting in line for getting tickets.

It was about 4 o’clock in the after noon. Look at me! Not even look like a sick person, huh?

Took a picture of the Christmas Tree at the Main Street.

It was kind of hard to ask someone to take some pictures of us…too many people walking by…

First, we headed to the Space Mountain! They ran out all fast pass of the night,so we had to get in line for the ride!
fast pass が配り切ったと言われ、並ぶはめに。。。

This is my b-day badge to show off people 🙂
そうそう、チケットもらうときに、 誕生日バッジを貰ったよ。

After the Space Mountain, we went to see the Christmas Fantasy Parade.
I put some videos on youtube though.

Check these out!

パレードのあとは、腹が減ってはいくさができぬと、ご飯を求め、New Orleans へ。

It’s getting too long for the 1 posting.

to be continued….after this.

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