Christmas Eve 2009

Now let me look back on my Christmas 2009!
On Christmas Eve, I had to go to work even though majority of people were not working on that day. I came back home around 7:00pm, Luigi was preparing the dinner for us and wating for me at home. Mmmmm ^3^====


Look at those big shrimp!! Mamma mia!

Had Shrimp scampi pasta, which is my favorite and half-cooked tuna stakes for dinner.

I forgot to take pictures but Lui prepared the champagne and cakes.
I can’t tell how I’m appreciated him. No matter how bad day I’ve had, you brought me brighten days!!!

I’ve had a bad cold for almost past 10 days? Most of the time, I was laying down in bed,so I couldn’t even go out for christmas shopping at all…

However…, I’ve received the Christmas gifts from Santa!!!

Man…, Luigi Santa, you made me surprised a lot…I was not even expecting anything for this christmas from you…You’ve been sick as well…

I felt much better after Christmas day, I got him belated Christmas Gift. I guessed he liked them very much!

Daddy, that’s why I couldn’t send you christmas gift, but I’ve already got good stuffs for ya! Please be patience!! I’ll send you soon;)!

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