Christmas 2009

On Christmas day, Lui and I got up late and had late Breakfast which Lui prepared everything for us…as usual…:-| and we watched Laker game. Unfortunately, they lost pretty badly though. Cleveland Cavaliers played smarter than Lakers on that day, haha. I was thinking thank god for this game’s drawing was made not to be for the regular employees 😛 (There was possibility to go to see Laker game on that day)

During the time, Lui and I started making pizza for christmas dinner party that a friend of Lui hosting.

I don’t know where to start…by the way, I had so much fun and really enjoyed with this Christmas party.

Professional Chefs were in the kitchen and cook the marvelous food!

First of all, I love to see men running the kitchen! It’s not rear thing to see in Italy. はっきり言って、男の人がキッチンで包丁さばいて、仕事してる姿って、私凄い素敵だと思うんです!イタリアでは全然めずらしくない光景だそうですが・・・。日本じゃ、まだ珍しいほうですよねっ。といっても、うちの父はキッチンにずーっとつっ立ってますけどね。。。笑

While in the kitchen was busy, in the living room, people started drinking and chatting with a little appetizers. I think everybody must have been hungry, the pizza that we brought were gone soon. キッチンが男の戦場になってる間、リビングでは招待された方達で、ドリンク飲んでしゃべったり用意されてるアペタイザー、私達が持って行ったピザなどを食べたりしてました。ルイジのピザは好評で、すぐなくなっちゃいました。

Lui looked so happy about that… 超満足気のルイジ。カワイイな。。。

Fancy Dinner Table! これがみんなが座るテーブル。

Lui is kinda like a person always standing in the kitchen, so he was checking in the kitchen at the night even though he was a guest. いつもキッチンに立ってるルイはどうもキッチンが気になって落ち着かない様子。。。ゲストだからリラックスしろーー。

Pork…., ポークに、

Meat Balls…, ミートボール、

And Special Lasagna…, 写真ないけど特製ラザニアができて、


ドーン!とディナーのお時間。It’s dinner time!!!

順番に並んで、Getting in line to get some food.

取った人から席へ。。。After that, find your seats…

To make a toast with a little jokes from our party host.

After the toast, chef Ezio started making dessert.

Chocolate for Tiramisu. ティラミス用のチョコだべさー

準備中のあいだ、みんな酔いも回って、おふざけ♪ At the same time, here in the living room, everybody got drunk and having fun♪

Giuseppe was hiliorious guy.

The Dessert was ready to go! ティラミス完成!

It tasted sooo good♪ I love that Tiramisu~ お味の方はというと、美味~♡

I don’t have pictures again…:( We were given a clementine for each person, Clemntine is kind of mandarin orange. It tasted sooo sweet and juicy, reminded me of winter season in Japan. We eat a lot of Clementine in winter at home.

Giovannino and Theresa,we had so much fun at that night! Thank you for inviting us! Let’s do this kind a party more often please 😉 最後にパーティのホストとー。

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