Holiday Season クリスマスモード全快

In america, from the day of thanksgiving, officially christmas decoration and christmas songs are open everywhere in public 🙂

The cafe we always go to, also started christmas decoration when we went this Saturday. The christmas presents were hung on the windows.

I wanted to feel like more holidays, so heading to The Grove(shopping mall,nearby West Hollywood) with Lui. Christmas decoration at The Grove was so beautiful! It made me feel like I’m at Disneyland!

We went to Nordstrom at first, and bought my boots which I didn’t really need…Doh:P

After we came out from the Nordstrom, it just started snowing! It’s not real one, but so romantic.

took pictures next to the Christmas tree! クリスマスツリーの横で。

There’s a Santa Claus’s house.サンタの家をバックに。

and took more pictures!! 😀

feel Christmas yet??

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