Thanksgiving Holiday 2009

On a Thanksgiving day, we visited Mr. Rod’s again :) 

The cute doggies were welcoming us too!

男好きのラリー♡ Hmm,I think Larry likes men~~?

よしよし♡ Good Girl!!

Mr.Rod prepared everything!!! 今回はロッドさんが腕を振るってくれました~♪

This turkey was amazingly delisious with his special home made gravy sauce! I couldn’t resist to eat!! このターキーがチキンみたいに美味しくって~、ロッドさん特製グレービーソースと一緒に、バクバク食べる、食べるw

and famous mashed potatos made my stomach full…

This is my plate! The green beans and cheese were amazing! I loved it! And Stuff with green onions were also tasty!

At last, in dessert time, we had Luigi’s favorite chocolate cake…by the time, we were all full…but look at this guy…↓

Thank you, Mr. Rod!! We enjoyed your marvelous food and had so much fun!!

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