I skipped this subject because of the Hallaoween event came right after this movie released.

前にブログで書いたように、マイケル・ジャクソンのTHIS IS ITを公開日10月28日、発展著しいダウンタウンにその日にオープンした映画館、Regal Cinamas にて観に行ってきましたです。

On October 28th, the first day of the movie release, I saw MJ’s THIS IS IT at brand new theater, Regal Cinemas at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles.

It was the next day of the premiere, so I could see the most people who came to the theater at the time were hard core fans of MJ, I guess those people including me wanted to see Michael sooo bad. many people in theatre were wearing MJ’s costume.

I thought this kid was just wearing Michael’s costume and pausing that’s it…, but that’s wrong! He could really dance too! It looked amazing. Bravo!
Michael’s inspiration is magnificent for kids to adults. So overwhlemed…

I’ve been to MJ’s concert once in my life. At the time, I was a high-school student, living in Tokyo. The concert was held at TOKYO DOME. My seat was first row with my girls. I felt so closed to him at most at the moment. Of course I screamed at him! I still remember… :’)
When I heard the news about his death, I suddenely remembered back in days when I was obsessed by him, watching his video all night long, singing along with my family. Unforgettabole…He’s so much inspiration…man.

Ok, the movie review. Amazing! To me, his concert pattern had been pretty much the same since I went one, but THIS IS IT concert was about to be different one if it went. It’s all new, more interesting than ever before. Especially, Thriller and Smooth Criminal part would have been sooo new! In the movie, I was sooo excited while I was watching those 2 scenes…and Jackson 5 “I’ll be there” scene…OMG, he made me cried though… 😥

Furthermore, you have a chance to see his genius side and innocent, like a child side too, which is great.

映画のレビュー、一言で言うならば感動~!彼のコンサートはパターンが似ていて、大抵似通った振り付け、舞台セットだったりするのですが、今回もし行われていたら、違ったものになっていただろうに・・・と映画を見て残念に思いました。まず、オープニング。彼はオープニングとエンディングにいつもこだわります。私が行ったコンサートのときは、宇宙船が落ちてきて、そこからマイケルが出てきて、”JAM”を歌って始まるんでした。今回のTHIS IS IT はマイケルの銅像が剥がれてそこからマイケル登場みたいな感じだったかな。あと、THRILLER の3Dは観たかった!あれは面白そうだった。それと、ムーンウォーカー(Smooth Criminal)の昔の映画のシーンとの合成とかも面白そうだった。ジャクソン5のシーンは私が行ったコンサートではまだやってませんでした。映画のI’ll be there のリハーサル。歌ったあとのマイケルのセリフに感動して涙してしまいました。あれはやばい。。。


映画館でもコンサート会場のようにマーチャンダイズが売られていた。一番右側にあるI♥MJ Tシャツを買おうとしたら売り切れ!ガーン!I saw some MJ’s merchandise were sold in theatre. (Wow, it was like a concert!) I wanted to get the “I ♥ MJ” T-shirt, but it’s all sold out 😦 Doh!

King of Pop…such a talented person he was. He’s always being with us forever…

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  1. The_Brain · November 7, 2009

    I saw it at the premiere in Montreal, a lot of people were dressed with different outfit of Michael. It was so emotional in the theatre.


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