Halloween 2009

Everybody had enjoyed Halloween this year?
What were you on the Halloween?

I was a Private Jet Captain! I forgot to bring a suitcase with me!! It would have been better than nothing…

Halloween lunchon party at work on 10/30. With my fun co-wokers.

I didn’t take any pics of food for lunchon, but there were a lot! Tons! Afterwards, I went to Sushi restaurant wearing my costume and ate a lot again… Oh boy…, I had had enough!!!!! kurushiiiiii~~!

On the Halloween day, Lui and I wore our costume and went out for breakfast. It was sooo bright!!! I felt that people looking at us!! and felt a little embarassed, but it’s Halloween! Who cares!? hahaha! I guessed people looking at Lui’s balls!!! It’s not Yankees! 😛
見てこれっw しかも、このツラでこの格好~!爆
下ネタ好きなアメリカ人にはウケがいいコスでした。。。ヤンキースじゃないのよん♪ ちゃんと読んでねwww yank の意味がわからない人は辞書で調べてね♪

Stopped by Madeo after breakfast. 朝ごはんの後は、パパラッツィで有名なマデオに立ち寄り、オーナーと記念撮影♡

I spent some time with my girlfriend at cafe in the evening, after that we headed to her friend’s party in downtown LA.

お馴染みウェストハリウッドのハロウィンパレードにちょっくら行って、帰ってきました。and came back to Hollywood earlier, then our folks headed to the famous Halloween Parade in West Hollywood. 寒すぎたので私はコスチュームは着ないで行くことに。さすがにあのヒールじゃ歩けないっす。It was cold night, so I decided not to wear my costume at the parade, unfortunately.

Take a look at this picture. Especially in the middle…

レディガガのコスプレよりも何よりも誰よりも、この白い人がひときわ目立って輝いてたのでパシャリ! 笑
わたしがカメラを構えた途端、ポーズ決めちゃって可愛いかったw She/He was extreeeemely white!! In other words, outstanding looking!

テトリスとかもいて、よくやるな~~ってびっくりというか、ある意味ちょっと呆れてしまった。TETRIS!!! but it’s a little dumb…

みなさんもきっと楽しいハロウィンを送ったことと思います!Hope everyone had a safe and good time!

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