Discovery/ 日本発見!

The city of Lamezia Terme in Italy, I’ve found some familiar things for Japanese!

Gas Station named, “esso” . Very popular gas sation in Japan.

Peugeot dealership. I don’t see this brand in America. Peugeot is getting popular French car in Japan. My mom had been driving this car for a long time. Nowadays my dad’s driving Peugeot. プジョーのディーラー。日本に今は一杯ありますが、これまたアメリカには無いんです。

A convenience store, “EURO SPAR”. Japanese version is called “HOT SPAR“.
コンビニ、「ホットスパー」のヨーロッパバージョン?ユーロスパー発見!うちの近所にHOT SPAR があり、たまに行ってたのを思い出し、懐かしく思いました。

I was in Italy, but I felt like I was in Japan for a little bit at the moment:)

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