The Night at a Dinner Party / 晩餐会

It’s already been 1 month past since I got back from Italy…
I’ve been so lazy to update my blog posting :(…Before I forget some stuff from the trip, I keep updating and finishing up little by little.


These pictures were taken at Lui’s house from one night’s dinner party .

Lui’s another cousin, Giuseppe and his wife Caterina.

W/ Giuseppe and Caterina♡

Giuseppe’s brother Dominico.

Giuseppe is a civil engineer and Dominco works at the bank. Unfortunately, I don’t have pics of Giuseppe’s house that he structured most of it. That was sooo beautiful. These 2 guys are my saviors. Why? Because in this little town,most people can’t speak English. Lui’s family and friends tried to talk to me in Italian, but I didn’t understand what they said…Yes,there’s a language barrier, but Giuseppe and Dominico tried to talk to me in English, even though their English was not perfect. I felt much more comfortable and enojoy being with them. I appreciate them a lot!


Rosa and Maria ルイママとマリア

Giuseppe and Dominico live in neighboring town called Curinga. There’s a hill nearby Curinga, people have started picking up the porcini mashroom early in the morning. Giuseppe and Dominico’s mother Maria, brought us some porcini sautéed at the night of the dinner party, OMG! That was delicioso!!!

ジョゼッペとドミニコはマイダの隣町クリンガというところに住んでます。クリンガの山ではポルチーニ茸が取れるので有名らしく、彼らのお母さんマリアが作ってくれたポルチーニ茸のソテーが絶品で、私1人で一鍋、平らげてしまいそうでしたww みんなで分けなければならなかったのでそういうわけにはいきませんでしたが・・・哀。

Lui’s French teacher, Cinzia and her son Franchesco

Franchesco was such a cute boy but also playboy 🙂 As fas as I remember, he’s just 12 yrs old, but there were 2 girls chasing around him already. Those girls txted him like, “Ti amo!”
It means “I love you” in Italian! He’s cute but he’s already a man… He seemed enjoying this situation that 2 girls got a crash on him at the same time. I feel sorry for Cinzia who pay the massive phone bills…Just kidding 😛

※(余談)また、このツィンツィアさんも少し英語が通じたので話してみると、なんとこの息子のフランチェが2人の女の子から猛烈アタックされており、このディナーの間も終始二人の女の子相手に携帯からのテキストメッセージ送ったり、受け取ったりで止まりません!「いい加減にしなさい!」とちょっと半切れ状態のママに携帯を奪われると今度はママの携帯からテキストを打つ始末…。内容はというと、イタリア語でいうと、「Ti amo」ティアモって、、、日本語で「愛してる」じゃないのーーーーー!!!恐るべし12歳!!


Picture time, but Franchesco was txting to his girls :O

わたしと身長同じぐらい…?I think we’re the same heights…hmm

Everybody’s so nice, treated me as a part of their family. I got so overwhelmed. I’m so happy for Luigi :’)


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