Korean B.B.Q. night/コリアン焼肉

I went to one of the best Korean BBQ restaurants in K-Town in Los Angeles last night.コリアタウンにある、おいちーコリアン焼肉のレストランに行ってきた。

There’s a bunch of Korean B.B.Q. restaurants in Los Angeles, most places are reasonable price, like “$16 for all you can eat”, but those kinda places don’t give us good services and good food. This hidden korean B.B.Q. spot is great for everything!! Even Korean family recommend this place though.

The waitress barbecuing cow tongue. お店の方に牛タン焼いてもらってます。

Kalbi was sooooo tender and juicy, cow tongue, and the cold noodle were also yummy! Usually after I ate lot, I felt for regrets and gotta do exercise and crap, but who gives a crap? I ate a lot felt like happiest moment I’ve just had 🙂

Can’t wait to go there again!!

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