Star Wars In Concert in Los Angeles!

A little break for a while from the Italy trip, I’d like to talk about the Star Wars in Concert that I went last week.

“Star Wars in Concert” is the unique concert of the famous Star Wars music performed by a live orchestra and chorus with edited footage from all 6 Star Wars films. They are on tour all over the country. I’ve been waiting for this since I got tickets about 3 months ago.

I’ve been into sci-fi movie since I was a little. I got raised with E.T.,Superman, Star Wars,and Back to the Future and so on. My parents loved that stuff. I still remember when I went to see those movies with my parents in theatre when I was kid. Everytime I looked at the program of each movie, I remember those days.(Btw, in Japan, you can get a program of the movie. Isn’t it cool!? Unfortunately, it’s not in America 😦 That sucks…)

OK, let’s go back to the subject. “Star Wars in concert” took place in LA Live at Nokia Theatre. The center of the Downtown Los Angeles has been redevelopping as another times square thing.

A lots of merchandise were sold at the concert. I bought the concert program(of course 😀 ), and T-shirt of the C-3PO.

In Nokia theare, they exhibited the real models, costumes, illustrations, and props from the 6 films, stuff like that.

I got fired up when I saw this vader~ at the entrance!!!!

Chewie~♡♡ チュウイ~~~~♡♡

Ewok tribe.イーウォク族の2人。

I’m a big fan of first trilogy of “Star Wars”(Eps 4,5,6). Especially, the character of Luke Skywalker 🙂 I’ve been looking forward to this concert especially I wanted to see the characters from the first 3 episodes(4,5,6).

I got surprised that Anthony Daniels, who has played and voiced the droid “C-3PO” showed up on the stage and narrated the show.
C-3PO の声と共に、C-3PO自身の中に入って演技をしてた俳優、アンソニー・ダニエルズが登場してきた時にはびっくり。彼が今回のコンサートのナレーションを務めたんです。

The concert went on like this.(Check pictures below) 以下コンサートの模様はこんな感じでした。(以下写真参照)



I uploaded some movies on youtube. Take a look.


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