South Italy Trip /南イタリア旅行記(カラブリア州)

It’s been a long time since last time I posted something here…
Although I’ve been that lazy recently and I don’t know where to start, but I know it’s time to write about my “Italy trip” finally 🙂



The place in Italy I stayed was called Maida, small town in Calabria where is at very south, surrounded by the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas. It’s the toe area of Italian peninsula. The closest city is Lamezia Terme. It’s just about 15-20 min away from Maida by car, and also there are some resort places nearby such as Pizzo and Toropea.The picture of the above is Toropea 🙂

As soon as we arrived at Sicchitano house in Maida, we had a home made seafood spaghetti by Luigi’s mom Rosa for lunch.

We took a nap for about a couple of hours,

すぐ近くの海、マリブ~♪へ行きました。We all went to the beach, called Malibu…:O

ん~!我ながら良く撮れてる写真だ~w パパ!!I like this picture a lot! That’s a good one!

親子再会の2ショットの後は・・・、After reunited familia…

I took with them!!!

Nutella at the store on the way home from the beach.

「nutella ぬてっら」といえばヘイゼルナッツがベースのイタリア生まれのチョコレートスプレッドクリームで、朝食には「ぬてっら」をトーストに塗って食べるというのがトラディショナルなイタリア。アメリカにもあるけど、プラスティックなジャーに入ってるのに対し、本場イタリアのはすべて瓶詰め。スーパーに行くと山積みになったぬてっらが・・・!!写真こそ撮りそこねましたが、すっごいでっかい瓶に入ったバージョンもあって圧倒されました。。。

Italian people grew up with “nutella“(Hazelnut-based spread) . It’s part of their life. Especially for the morning breakfast, they eat nutella with brioche or a peace of bread. You can find nutella in gigantic jar all over the place in Italy. In America, we have “nutella USA“, but it’s packed in tiny plastic jar. It’s nothing compare to real Italian ones.

夕飯にまたパスタを食べて、We weren’t that hungry so we had a small amount of pasta for dinner, and

その日はそのまま就寝・・・。We felt sleep like a baby on the first day…


In this trip, baseically, we spent some time with Luigi’s family, relatives and his friends at his hometown, visited some beach places, and ate a lot of food!
I’ll tell more of these some other time…

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