Introducing ppl in Maida Part1 /南イタリア・マイダの人々1

There were really nice people in Maida. Especially, Lui’s friends and relatives were all nice! Everybody in town knows about Luigi’s dad, so if Luigi’s mentioned his dad’s name, everybody’s reacted like “Oh my god!!!?? A son of Scicchitano!?” That was funny part of meeting those people 🙂


Downtown of Maida. マイダの繁華街にて。

Fresh water comes up from here. 新鮮な水を汲みあげるところ。

Lui’s friend Massimiliano and his wife Nicolettta.

With one of Lui’s cousin Davide and Lui’s daddy. ルイの従兄弟ダヴィデとパパさんw

The house that Lui had lived in his childhood. ルイが子供の頃に住んでた家。

People who lives in the house now…その家に今住んでる人達www

Lui’s god mother’s family. ルイのゴッドマザーのファミリーと。

Giacinto, who is one of Lui’s family good friend came by.

Introducing people in Maida is to be continued…

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