Inter Milan v Chelsea FC

The champion of Italian league Seria A and England premier league arrived in Los Angeles. イタリアのセリエAのサッカーチーム、インテルミランとイギリスのプレミアリーグのチェルシーがここロスアンジェルスへやってきました!

Last Tuesday, Luigi and I went to see the game, Inter Milan v Chelsea FC at Pasadena Rose Bowl. 先週の火曜、ルイジと私はハリウッドより北に位置する、パサディナロウズボウルに行って、そのインテルとチェルシーの試合を観に行ってきたよ。

This game was one of the soccer competition of the exhibition international soccer club hosted by USA. よく日本でもやってますが、アメリカ主催の親善試合です。

We’re soo late because of the traffic on the freeway…and we parked far away from the bowl entrance…had to run and hurry!! 試合が8時からだったので、一旦家に帰って6時半頃に家を出たもの、、道は大渋滞!この日ニュースでも渋滞覚悟してくださいと言ってましたが、、、でも、これほどまでとは!!!!結局、着いた頃には8時を過ぎてしまい、パーキングも遠く走るハメに。。。

When we got there, it’s already passed 20 min of the first half. Chelsea leaded 1-0 already…We also missed the hollywood actress, Charlize Theron’s speech as well 😦
我々が席に着いた頃は、既に最初の20分が過ぎてしまっていて、この時点で既に、1-0 で負けてたミラン。。。ハリウッドスターのシャーリーズ・セロンもスピーチをしてたようだけど、見逃してしまったい。。。

audiences made a huge wave

Over 80000 people in the stadium~~ The announcement was made…really?? that many??? don’t believe so… it didn’t look like that big cap sdtadium to us.
Audiences tension was really high. I joined the wave!! Woo-hoo!

Of course, we went there for cheering up for Inter, but unfortunately, Inter Milan lost at last, but it was a good game, although Inter played suck at the night.haha

Sweden ace striker Ibrahimovic, Serie A’s top scorer last season, No.10 of Inter Milan, stand by at that time…but a couple of days ago he went back to Sweden, and is moving to Spain league, Barcelona in Spain. He’s not Inter Milan player anymore! haha, so this picture was his last game as an Inter.
インテルミランのゼッケン10番、スウェーデン人のエースストライカーイブラヒモビッチ、この日途中から出場してた。ウォーミングアップ中を激写ww 得点入れてくれるか期待したけど得点ならず。。。


Look at these Chelsea players! They’re doing exercise! That looked kinda funny:)

We really enjoyed the night.

BTW, Inter Milan(Italy) play against AC Milan(Italy)today, Inter won by 2-0.


  1. The_Brain · July 27, 2009

    gosh you are so lucky to have been there, Even though I hate Inter, it was a nice game


  2. Erina · July 27, 2009

    > The_Brain
    hahaha! You hate Inter? Why?? Im not even Inter fan, but I like Italian league more than English league…:)


  3. The_Brain · August 5, 2009

    Im a Milan Ac fan, even though Inter has awesome players, they are on my hate list:

    so are PSG (Paris), Manchester Untd, Chelsea and Bayern Munchen.


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