Worlds Oldest Man Dies

World oldest man dies!
He was 113 years old!! He’s born in June 6th,1896.

Another world oldest man died last year, he was 138 yrs old, this guy was born in May 20, 1879, died 2008 from India.
I was not given birth yet when he this guy was 100 yrs old!

Both had a long life…I don’t think I can do that!!

Wow… Amazing!

113歳だったそうです。。。 お誕生日は、6月6日の1896年生まれだとか・・・。






One comment

  1. chris* · July 19, 2009

    wow such an old man. I wuld have never believed they existed. But he must have been Japanese. I only know Japanese people that get so old. Must have something to do with the way to eat, live etc…


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