Michael Jackson reminds me of…1


Last week, Thursday afternoon, I was at work, my co-woker shouted “Michael Jackson is dead!” My other co-wokers and I were like “What!? seriously?” Then checked online news but we’ve found only TMZ and my FOX la.com only confirmed it, but not the other network company. So I was like, “Well, we’ll see. we don’t find out the truth yet…TMZ just wanted to say like, we announced it at first, anyone else couldn’t do that or something.” …however, the final announcement was unexpectedly unbelievably let us down.

I was sooo shocked…,I can’t even remember when the last time was I cried for celebrity’s death… Maybe none.

“Billie Jean” “BEAT IT” が流行った時、今は亡きうちの母が車を運転中にずーっと聞いていたせいで、頭の中にやきつき、英語がわからない子供だった私は聞こえるがままに、歌ってたのを思い出します。”
びれーーーっ びれーーーっ びれーーーっ びれーーーっ”
Michael Jackson, his 80’s songs were definitely influenced me. “Bllie Jean” and “Beat It” were my first Michael Jackson’s music I’ve ever listened to at the same time. My mom used to drive a lot. She always took me everywhere we go by her car. In her car stereo, at the time she’s listening to Michael’s those 2 songs…I didn’t even understand English and what the song meant, but I loved the rhythm, and singing it in my way, you know? I sang it sounded like “BEAT IT”…, but not quite. haha, more like “B-LAY, B-LAY”.

When the Michael Doll was hit in Japan,I was a little kid, and saw it at deparment store, I remembered I asked my mom over and over,every single day, I want it!

87年には東京ディズニーランドのトゥモローランドにマイケルが出演している3Dアトラクション、『キャプテンEO』 ができて、母が大好きだったため、行く度に観に行ってたなーとか思いだしました。
After that, he came to Tokyo Disneyland, opened his attraction, called “Captain EO” 3D Sci-Fi Short Film. My mom and I enjoyed the show! He’s dancing in 3D screen with starwars characters. (Francis Ford Coppola directed, George Lucas was the Producer…)

Wow, so many things I can remember about old days because of him….

It’s too long for now. MJ’s memorable moment for Erina will continue more…

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