El Capitan Theatre

Hi there!
I haven’t updated my blog since the Lakers victory…
After the big celebration, I felt accomplished and at the same time I felt like there’s a big hole opened up in my heart, kind of sad…
Lakers won…, NBA is over… getting back to normal life…:(
so boring!!!
But I have to endure and overcome this feeling…


Last weekend, I went to see pixar movie, “UP” again. This time, we went to El Capitan Theatre, which is my neighborhood Disney movie theater in Hollywood.

From the gate of the El Capitan theater, you will see the Hollywood sign.

When we were getting our seats, the organist playing the organ, performing Disney’s popular movie songs on the stage.

We’re so busy with putting on and off the 3D glasses at the beginning.
As soon as the previews started, we had to put it on the 3D glasses.
After seeing those previews, again we had to take off the glasses.

and what happened next?? The Disney character show started.

Goofy came out,

Mickey and Minnie mouse,


Limbo Dance

It was like a show from Disneyland. Kids from the audiences also got up on the stage and joined the show, they were so cute:) If I were a kid, I would have been on the stage too;)

After the movie, it’s already dark outside, but the neon of the theatre was so bright.

I didn’t know until this day that this theatre is walking distance from my apt.:P
Just 10 to 15 min away by walk, which means, I can go to the LA Fitness, Fresh & Easy, chinese theatre and Highland mall without driving from my Apt….

今回歩いて劇場まで行ったのですが、「歩けるじゃん」と意外と近かったことに驚き。12~3分だったかな?あの辺にいろいろスーパーだの、ジムだのモールなどあるので、これからは車をなるべく使わないようにして、徒歩で行こうかなと思います。ガスとパーキング代の節約ですw あと運動不足解消のために…。

I should come around there more often…have to explore how far I can go…Good exercise too.

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